Jon Lord – An open mind is the best gift a musician can have

In an interview with Metal Express Radio, Jon Lord speaks of the Durham Concerto, his plans for the future and goes over the high points of the past.

On the Durham Concerto CD:

– This is a studio recording that we made last July in Liverpool in the Philharmonic Hall. We had two and a half days up there to record that. It’s the same piece as you heard in the Cathedral but done under studio conditions so we were able to control the acoustics.

– I actually thought the Classic FM live recording was very good and captured the acoustics of the Cathedral but the CD is in a more acoustic controlled setting. I’m thrilled to bits with how it’s turned out.

On The Concerto and Deep Purple’s reaction to it in 1969:

– Its been written that “Jon wanted to play in orchestras and the rest of the guys didn’t.” That’s not quite how it was. I thought The Concerto was a good idea and an experiment and to be perfectly honest so did the band. I was perfectly happy to play rock music and if all I’m remembered as is a rock Hammond player then I’ll be happy with that. I’m very pleased and proud of my work with Purple and happy to be known as a rock artist.

On Rod Evans’ fake Deep Purple in 1980:

– The last time I saw Rod was across a court room. I had to go and appear in court because it had to be stopped because it just wasn’t Deep Purple.

On the latest Hoochie Coochies album, Danger, White Men Dancing:

– It’s out now and doing very nicely thanks. It’s not one of those albums that’ll go into the Top 10 but it’s good blues party music, its heart on the sleeve, Hammond based rock/blues.

On what has become known as ‘Jon Lord’s dream’ of reuniting all past Purple members for an anniversary event:

– I won’t be holding my breath. Its just a dream.

On the immediate future:

– I’m definitely doing a new album, definitely with more Hammond and less strings and less cross-over. I’m putting a touring band together. As I’ve never done a solo tour before, I’m going to start that in the UK.

Read the full interview.

Photo by Chris Poustie

5 thoughts on “Jon Lord – An open mind is the best gift a musician can have

  1. Wow, that’s a huge new !!!

    A new album with more hammond and a tour with a band !!

    Jon, You’re definitely the Best !!!

  2. Jon,
    I hope that you are able to visit Symphony Hall in Birmingham as it has the best acoustics of any hall.
    It would be a massive thrill to hear sections of pictured within live here. Also the intro to pictures of home in 1999 is a mesmerising piece of music. Any plans to develop it?

  3. Dear Mr. Lord
    Over the years I’ve enjoyed your solo albums a lot. Sarabande is still my personal favourite, a perfect mixture of traditional and newer instruments and musical styles, and most importantly – Your personality. I must say that it has a lot to do with the keyboards You play.

    Your recent releases have concentrated on orchestral works. Is there any chance that You could compose a “Concerto for Electric Keyboards and Orchestra”? I’d just love to hear Your Hammonds (or Moog or whatever electric keyboards there are) accompanied by full orchestra.


  4. Dear Jon,
    I have been steeped in classical music for the last 60 years. I heard parts of your Durham Concerto on Classic FM, liked what I heard and bought the CD. I have to tell you that I consider your concerto to be great music – I mean great music in the same sense that Beethoven’s and Wagner’s music is great. I was staggered that you could produce such a wonderful composition so soon in your classical career. A major problem for me is how to get your haunting themes out of my head! I do not see that you intend composing more of this music. Please – a symphony. It is absolutely clear you have this great gift so please let us have more of this splendid truly classical and great work from you.
    Best wishes Len Beard

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