Words from Jon: more concerts, more Hammond

Hi everyone

Just a quick couple of things.

First and foremost, thank you all so much for the questions and the very kind and sometimes moving comments you have posted on the website. From people who have seen me play lately, from people who’ve not seen me for a while and from those who’ve never seen me at all – they are all gratefully recieved.

I’m happy that you are enjoying Durham Concerto, Boom of the Tingling Strings and Disguises. They, amongst other works, have occupied my time pretty much from the year in which I left the Purps.

Although I am still writing like a man possessed, I am now moving towards doing more live work – both with orchestras and also with a ‘Jon Lord Band’ project which will include more Hammond (+ second keys, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and a sing-ist), some new stuff, and one or two carefully selected songs from the past that I had a small part in writing!

I hope too that I will soon be able to answer some of your questions specifically – such as “When are you coming to such-and-such a place?” and so on. I will try to make my comments to the site a more regular thing too.

In the meantime, stay well and keep the music with you.

God bless

40 thoughts on “Words from Jon: more concerts, more Hammond

  1. I am extremely happy with your latest classical and blues releases. Just to add to the voices saying why dont you play here or there – please come to Bristol – either for classical or Blues music – I would love to shake your hand for the 30+ years of musical pleasure you have given me. Hoped to meet you at Durham Cathedral but didnt manage to (the concert was fantastic!). My greatest wish (apart from more great pieces of classical music) would be for you to get together with Ritchie and make an excellent blues album.

  2. The last cd’s I bought do all have a Jon Lord touch to it. ( and there’s a Don Airey something too 😉 )

    I’d love to see and hear Jon Lord somewhere in the Netherlands. Paradiso or the Royal Concert Hall in Amsterdam would be nice venues.

    Just play anything, your music has a very nice and gentle sound. Whether it is Blues, Classic or Rock. I love it all and very much would like to hear it live.


  3. As stated above, your music covers all the bases. As a musician also, I must say you have influenced my playing and writing for the past 40 years. Please come to the Chicago area. We are in a massive drought of excellence in composing and playing.
    May God bless you , Sir

    Dick Dale

  4. cant find the words to thank you, your music moves me deep inside like no other. had the pleasure to see you perform here in argentina with deep purple a couple of years ago. Love your solo career, looking forward to your next projects. Eternally grateful to you,
    god bless you Jon


  5. I would be happy to see you Jon with a kind of blues band on the tour. I have listened Your music for over 30.God bless You Jon.

  6. will you have plans to come to Brazil somdeday?!
    I’m a huge fan of you and I wanna see you playing someday!!!

  7. As said very often – there is Jon Lord, and then the rest – lightyears behind in any aspect.
    I hope you one day will bring your music to Denmark – with some of the old ones but also with you new wonderfull music.
    I hope your dream of putting all the Purple guys together one days will come alive. Even on the moon – there will be SOLD OUT.

  8. Mr Lord

    I am the Brazilian who saw your Durham Concerto in Liverpool and also the Deep Purple’s Concerto For Group and Orchestra in Sao Paolo.
    I could not express myself when I tried to talk to you in Liverpool, because I had mixture of feelings I have never felt before: I wanted to cry, to scream, to celebrate! I was in front of my idol and the living legend! Thanks for making part of my life with your songs and brilliant pieces. I hope to see you again in York, before I return to Brazil.
    God bless you.

  9. Dear Mr. Lord,
    can’t say how much I appreciate what your doing, but ‘thanx’ shall work for the moment.
    An idea, which I think nobody but you might bring to live: a kind of “educational music project” representing the cultural impact of music, but still just pieces of music standing alone, I mean a collection of a number of songs, freshly written and composed where each is biased by the spirit of a single category, usually named: Swing, Jazz, Blues, Rock, World, to name some; musicians choosen accordingly. in other words: several pieces of contemporary music.
    Best wishes!

  10. Dear Jon,

    Thanks for all the fabolus music you have given us already over all the Years, hope to hear and see more of it in the future. As I am writting this I’m listening to “Over and Over again” from the Hoochie Coochie men. Absolutly fantatic hearing yourselfs and Ian doing something like this, the best thing I have heard in years.
    Would be lovely to see you and R.B. in a simular situation but I must be dreaming.

    Thanks again for all your great music.

    Whish you all the best!!!!
    Kind Regards

    Emo Bulten

  11. Mr. Lord,

    I just want to thank you for “Pictured Within”. It’s more than just a song for me – it’s a feeling, something between contentment and blessedness. I can’t find words to express, so let me please say: It’s lordicious!

    Thank you and be blessed…

  12. Dear Mr.Lord,

    For me you are not only Mister. You are Sir and really Lord. I like your music. Thanks for everything you did and will do. Every day I start my work with youtube.com. Here I choose every theme you play. Would be fantastic to see all you at the stage- Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, Jan Gillan, Jan Piece and Roger Glover.

  13. Your Hammondness,

    Much as I still love DP mark 28, or whatever it is, my life is “missing” that beastly sound from the Hammond when under your fingers. A church organ “rocking away” (literally sometimes…)- wow! And in the next breath, a gentle soul-ripping melody. Got goosepimples already!

    Only you can do it.

    So Nike- errr, just do it…. please.

  14. Ahh, Mr. Hammondness, that name suits you perfectly.
    I am so pleased to read that you are going to grace The Purple with your presence. I am only praying that somehow you come to the states again soon. I will NEVER EVER forget seeing and hearing you, I think 1987, in Irvine California, watching your instrument leave the floor as you played……to this day Mr. Lord, I have not had my soul strings strummed like that, it was really a musically changing time for me, I am thankful.
    Peace be with you…………..

  15. I posted before but had to be brief, being at work. Jon, your music has had a profound effect on me. You write from the heart and that is where it speaks. The songs I am writing and recording owe much to you. Many thanks again. Just tracked down the Beyond the Notes DVD, in Germany and anxiously await it’s arrival in Illinois..

    God Bless

    Dick Dale

  16. Happy birthday!

    I hope you have a great day, and not too much wine! Hope to see you at Castle Howard in August, and let’s hope the weather is like it is today.

  17. I just want to thank you for your Durham Concerto, Boom of the Tingling Strings and Disguises. The CDs have been in my player almost constantly over the past several weeks, so captivating have I found them. It’s rare, these days, for classical music to speak so directly and so clearly from the heart, whilst displaying such fresh inspiration and genuine craftsmanship. It gives me hope for the future! If you’re tempted at all to write a symphony, take the plunge – you’ve more than shown you have what it takes.

  18. Happy birthday Maestro Lord!
    And keep the music with you too.

    God bless JL
    Marcelo from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  19. Dear Mr. Lord
    Sorry, a bit late, but I hope you did have a nice birthday and will continue with your posted plans, as long as HE lets you (your own comment on PW Live).

    It would be great if you find a way (on the tour) to Cologne again, ’cause you have some “new” fans in that area.
    And I would be very glad to meet you once “down the road” and shake hands, as you are the one who is responsible for a big piece of furniture that is living in my living-room.

    God bless you.

  20. Man oh man let me tell u, u are the king of the keys.
    I love listening to ur intricate scales and love the way u write. Currently i am trying to learn the intro to Lazy by Deep Purple by ear and i am accomplishing little by little. but some parts just leave me in a daze. I mean ur fingers must be on fire. U inspire me to continue on my journey towards becoming a well accomplished pianist. i emulate u and hope that one day i can rip on them keys just like u. thank you sooo much.

  21. Hi Mr. Lord,

    It is pleasure for me to write in your blog. For me you are the virtuoso musician and composer. Your music brings me a lot positive emotions. My question is: Are you going to tour in Europe? And if it will happen where and when will be?
    I wish you all the best an God bless You!

  22. Hello Jon,

    Is the Concerto for Group and Orchestra sheet music for sale? If not, how can I get it?

    I love all your work with Deep Purple (especially between 68-71) and all your solo albums. When are you going to play in Vigo, Spain?

  23. My first taste of Jon Lord’s organ playing was in 1972 on MACHINE HEAD. In fact, “Lazy” was my favorite piece from that studio album. And, it still is. It is the pinnacle of what FM Rock radio was about….long, long ago, before it’s de-evolution into “Classic Rock”….

  24. Hi Jon

    I played Pictured Within at my Mum’s funeral because she loved listening to it. We lived together as a 3 generation family and she worked her socks off helping me bring up my 3 sons.

    Next summer I am hosting a summer music event in our garden inviting friends and family to play and/or sing something they enjoy.

    Decades ago she enjoyed listening to me playing the piano,and I passionately want to play the track Pictured Within in tribute to her but cannot find the sheet music anywhere. I am not talented enough to play this without the written notes and I have searched everywhere on the Net….please can you help? Is there somewhere I can buy or download it?

    Kind Regards from me and 2 other generations of Jon Lord and Deep Purple fans


  25. Jon,dear Jon!
    When will you visit Sweden?
    I know that you were here some years ago with
    Anni-Frid Lyngstad(to you people,that’s FRIDA in ABBA)
    But when it comes to music,you haven’t been here since
    your last tour with Deep Purple……
    You’re quite frekvently visit
    Norway,why not Sweden?
    I think that this little country of mine
    needs Jon Lord…..
    And you have often said in intervjues that the people of Sweden never let you down…..
    So,why not Stockholm the next time around…..?

  26. Hi Jon,
    Many thanks for taking the time to sign my ‘Pictured Within’ album on Saturday there, before you played at the Proms Spectacular in Yorkshire. It meant a great deal to me to meet you.
    You are great inspiration.

    Loved the performance – Bouree was brilliant and also loved the piece from the Durham Concerto which I hadn’t heard before.

    Kind Regards,
    Gary Wight Henderson

  27. Sorry Susie- nice to meet you also!
    I did drive from Loch Lomond and back that day- Had I known I was to have the chance to meet Jon, I would’ve driven much further than that.

    For a person that is so gifted and talented, Jon Lord is so down to earth, and a true gentleman.

    P.S. If you need a 2nd keyboard player for your new band – I’m your man!

    God Bless

  28. Hi Jon,
    I’m a 35 years old frenchie. I had my first DP experience when I was 16… lazy (intro from “Made in Japan”). It never went away from me. I still get chills when I hear it now.
    I play the organ (too much overdrive probably…) and I have tried to learn some of your choruses (how the hell are you so fast ?), like many people I know.
    You have done great things, both for rock music and for Hammond organ lovers.

    A maybe good idea would be to tell a little bit more about the material and drawbar settings you were using and how to get these specials sounds. A lot of people have their ideas on that, but I have never read anything precise about that.

    To finish : I have 2 kids (2 and 5 years old). When I start playing, they go : “dad, can you play Black night please ?”.
    It is all because of you !!!

  29. Mr. Lord,

    One of the things I am glad about my life is having listened to your music while in DP. The very first R&R LP that I ever bought was Machine Head. I was fascinated then, at the age of 16 more or less, by the brilliant fusion of both rock and classical music, so to speak. I wanted to be a musician ever since. I am now a musician of sorts and I have to say that the very first inspiration and influence I received in the context of R&R music was your influence. I do thank you for that and for being a source of inspiration throughout the (musical) years.

    Long live the Lord of the Hammomd.

    Alex Silva

  30. DEAR MR. LORD,

    The life goes on, i know it. But unfortunately my two sons will never have my luck (i was born in 1961): to spend the school days, to discover the girls (every woman is always a “strange kind of”), to imagine the future, in few words to became a young man, just in the same time that so many masterpieces see the birth: the soundtrack of my early life.
    From bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, King C.,Genesis and many others (someone were italians but they were good pupils)…Thanks, mr. Lord, for those so far and so unforgettable moments.
    Kind Regards from an italian fan (who of course charge the son’s mp3 with the good music of the past)

  31. Mister Lord,
    Just some words to say thank you very very much for all the music you give us ; especially with Ritchie, but not only!
    I hope we will see you soon on stage in France…



  32. Dear Jon Lord,
    I was just wondering if you could look at my band on youtube and tell me what you think. i will admit that the singing is a bit dreadful, but that is just because we havent found anyone to sing for us yet, so i have been lumbered with the job. Hopefully only temporarily. It is under “Rock Night 2008”

  33. Dear Maestro,

    When can we expect your return to organ grinding? Sarabande and Pictured Within are among my favourites too, but no-one, absolutely no-one can do the FlightOfTheRat-style solo like yourself (or MaliceInWonderland).

    As a side-note, my mind has made the connection that both TheManInBlack and yourself pursued more “tuneful” directions since leaving DP- a collaboration, perhaps? Hammond&Stratocaster mixed with Steinway&Lakeland…..hmmmm!

    Oh yes, and please come to Cyprus.

  34. Dear Jon,

    We had a very nice talk with you together with Akiko and Axel in the hotel lobby after your great concert in Hagen/Germany last year in February. Maybe you’ll remember.

    One question I forgot to ask you during our “night conversation” in the hotel lobby: Have you ever thought about performing “April”. I think that this great piece of music has deserved it not to remain in the relic box any longer. It would be fantastic to hear it in one of your future concerts. What do you think about it?

    I wish you a great time but before all I wish you healthiness, bliss and satisfaction.

    Take care! – See you again in Kiel and in Potsdam.

    Greetings from Hamburg,


    (Gerson Institute / Cancer Curing Society)




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