Interview: From Deep Purple to Disguises

In an interview with Performance Today, Jon Lord speaks of his latest works, Boom of the Tingling Strings and Disguises.

He also speaks of playing different styles of music:

– Since, really, the inception of Deep Purple in the late 60s, it’s been known to my buddies in the band that I kind of wore two hats. While I’m doing one kind of music, of course I give it 100% my attention and my ability, but I always felt I didn’t want to be one musician. I wanted to be as many musicians as I could split myself into.

On learning about himself as a musician in Deep Purple and now as a solo artist:

– You know what is wonderful about it is I can still look back and know that I enjoyed every second of the Deep Purple music making. And nothing that I’m doing now is in any way a negation of that time. I learned an enormous amount about myself as a musician from being in the band, and now I’m learning as much as I can about myself as a musician by being out in the big wide world.

Listen to the full audio interview.

2 thoughts on “Interview: From Deep Purple to Disguises

  1. I have been listening to Boom and find it wonderful. I think it is great . They play it here in the Bay Area on KDFC on the classical station. I love all kinds of music and am passing that along to my kids . Thanks and good luck

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