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Jon Lord to host new Deep Purple DVD

August 5, 2010

EMI Music will be releasing an anniversary edition of the Deepest Purple compilation in late October. The album originally went straight to #1 in the UK when it was first released in 1980.

The anniversary release will include a bonus DVD featuring a range of video clips presented by Jon Lord.

This is a provisional tracklist for the DVD:

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– I’m very happy with where I’ve arrived at

June 15, 2010

– I honestly believe that I’ve grown by leaps and bounds as a musician.

In a new interview to, Jon Lord takes stock of his musical years – with Deep Purple and Whitesnake and as a solo artist.

– I’ve loved what I’ve done. And when I look back with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I can see the pattern, or the shape of the journey. And I’m very pleased with that shape. I’m very aware that I am what I am because of what I’ve been.

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Closer look at new DVD

June 5, 2009

Below is a selection of images from the just released Deep Purple 2DVD, History, Hits & Highlights.

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Jon Lord jams with Deep Purple in Tokyo

April 17, 2009

Last night, on April 15, Jon Lord joined Deep Purple onstage at the International Forum in  Tokyo. He played  two songs with the band – Perfect Strangers and Smoke On The Water – the last song also featured Yngwie Malmsteen.

A YouTube clip of Smoke On The Water with clear sound has surfaced. You can clearly hear Jon Lord’s work particularly towards the end of the song:

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Mark 3 reunion: Hot air and wild speculations

January 6, 2009

concrete wall img_0479wJon Lord comments on press rumours that Deep Purple Mark 3 will reunite and tour with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on drums:

It all seems like a lot of hot air and wild speculation to me.

I like Lars and what he has achieved with Metallica. He’s obviously always been very complementary in his comments about DP, and I love the story of his famous nine-years-old “baptism of fire” at our ’73 concert in The KB Halle in Copenhagen, but if I was asked to be involved in a “Mark III” reunion – (which, by the way, I haven’t. All I ever said was that the idea had a few good points and a few not-so-good points.) – and I indeed considered that offer, I would not be able to even imagine it without the presence of Ian Paice.

By the way – I have NOT retired!

Love, and as peaceful a new year as possible, to all of you.


On a side note Deep Purple’s Stormbringer album has been remastered and will be released with bonus tracks in February. Available in the new Jon Lord Music Shop.


Sunflower wrung that neck

October 5, 2008

Improvisation and good spirits ran high when Jon Lord played special guest with Deep Purple at this year’s Sunflower Jam in London on September 25.

Lengthy organ solos ensured Jon Lord fans were sent home happy, and Deep Purple with Jon Lord and Bruce Dickinson guesting put smiles on everybody’s faces.

Walking in the shadow of the ... Hammond

Walking in the shadow of the ... Hammond

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Jon Lord jammed with the Purps

September 26, 2008

Extra long versions of Hush and Wring That Neck made sure Jon Lord fans got their dreams fulfilled at this year’s Sunflower Jam in London on Thursday evening.

Sharing Hammond duties with Don Airey, Jon Lord performed five songs with Deep Purple. This is Deep Purple’s setlist:

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Win tickets to see Jon Lord with Deep Purple

August 31, 2008

You can win two tickets to see Jon Lord perform with Deep Purple on September 25 at the annual Sunflower Jam in London. Jon Lord has confirmed that he will not be part of the evening’s house band, but he will join Deep Purple’s set for ‘a few of the old favourites’.

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