Jon Lord to host new Deep Purple DVD

EMI Music will be releasing an anniversary edition of the Deepest Purple compilation in late October. The album originally went straight to #1 in the UK when it was first released in 1980.

The anniversary release will include a bonus DVD featuring a range of video clips presented by Jon Lord.

This is a provisional tracklist for the DVD:

1.    Hush (Playboy After Dark, 1968)
2.    Speed King (Vicky Leandros show, German TV, 1970)
3.    Child In Time (new clip)
4.    Black Night (1970 video clip)
5.    Fireball (German TV, Disco ZDF, 1971)
6.    Strange Kind Of Woman (Top Of The Pops, BBC, 1971)
7.    Demon’s Eye (Music Today, RBB Berlin)
8.    Highway Star (Beat Club, German TV, 1971)
9.    Never Before (1970s video clip)
10.    Smoke On The Water (Hofstra University, 1973)
11.    Woman From Tokyo (new clip)
12.    Made in Japan / Space Truckin’ (new clip from Made in Japan footage)
13.    Burn (London 1974)
14.    Stormbringer (new clip)
15.    You Keep On Movin’ (new clip)

Each clip will be presented by Jon Lord discussing the song’s development, in a similar vein to the outtakes presented below.

Items marked as a “new clip” are newly developed videos using archival documentary material from the period – some of it previously unseen.

As an example of the new clips, The Highway Star reports that Child in Time is based around the studio album soundtrack with bits of Doing Their Thing footage synchronized to it in appropriate places. The rest of the video shows period footage conveying the sense of uneasiness and apprehension of growing up in the shadow of Mutually Assured Destruction, which is the theme of the song’s lyrics.

Click on the small image to the right to see stills from the Child in Time video.

Several bits and pieces had to be left out for various reasons, but you can watch them here:

Hallelujah with Jon Lord describing what happened at the time that Ian Gillan & Roger Glover joined the band:

In Rock and the evolution of Deep Purple sound towards heavier music (featuring excerpt of Mandrake Root from the Southbank Summer show):

Made In Japan being put into historical prospective (featuring Highway Star footage, whilst the DVD will feature Space Truckin’ instead):

Thanks to The Highway Star.


8 thoughts on “Jon Lord to host new Deep Purple DVD

  1. Dear Mr. Lord,

    I rose on your music that still giving me big power for living and loving. Thank you so much for Deep Purple that it will be with me till end of mine.

  2. J.L.,

    Over American Labor day weekend – not sure of the EXACT day(s) yet – (4, 5, or 6 of September) – a *prominent* 24/7/365 classical radio station in the Charlotte, North Carolina area is going to side-step Bach, Beethoven and Brahms for several hours and concentrate on 20th century artists still giving the world incredible classical music and *I* gave them BOTH “To Notice Such Things” and “Durham Concerto”.

    The radio station doing this compilation ARE:

    I believe this will be at the direction of their Frank Dominguez

    Your “To Notice Such Things” CD also received a few cuts played on “National Public Radio” recently – via their Fred Child’s “Performance Today” segment and I understand he received quite a few e-mail enquiries about the fantasic compositions of one Jon Lord …

    Also, our rapidly-improving Charlotte Symphony begin their new 2010-11 season with a “pinch” from “over there”: Christopher Warren-Green – yes, he of the London Chamber Orchestra – takes up the baton as their musical director IN-RESIDENCE! Yes, he has re-located to Charlotte, North Carolina USA and will no doubt turn this excellent orchestra – and their supporters – on their ears!!!

    All my best … TO the VERY best!

    T. Hodge

    Listening to “The Road from Lindisfarne” whilst composing this so my typing concentration isn’t quite as it should be …


  3. It’s good to see Jon involved in such projects and being actually the only one to be proud of each Mark’s legacy. Thanks, Jon!

  4. This is definitely my favorite Deep Purple compilation. I owned it on cassette and practically wore it out! Glad to hear its being re-released.

  5. I was an 11 years old kid and the first Jon Lord solo I heard was Lalena, in early 70s I head this song constantly on the radio and always waited to hear the Hammond solo. I still love this song and the album.
    Since then I’m a fan of Jon Lord.
    We never met , well I been to number of concerts yet Mr Lord is a welcomed guest in my home, and my car daily.
    Another one who was raised on your music that still giving me big joy for living.

  6. Dear Mr. Lord,

    I appreciate very much your music, Deep Purple, after Deep Purple, etc.. A song that I have much memory in relation with Deep Purple is Lazy.

    We observe your browsing, music, neo-classic you play a lot now, I find great, as you are fairly in Germany, to see you meet Barbara Dennerlein, a magnificent player of Hammond B3 organ.

    Thank you for your music, good luck. Continue to give us the joy of listening to music.


  7. I am a child from the seventies. I married very young at just 16 years old. The year was 1969. My first child a boy was born in 1970. I studied classical piano from the age of 8. I had two children (my second child a girl) before I turned 18. my music took a back seat until 1985 when I returned to study and later became a music teacher. I used keyboard in my studio to demonstrate the works of Bach, Beethoven (my favourite composer) and other great composers, the piano was just the sart for the great sound that can come from a keyboard. I don’t think that you can beat that Hammond sound!
    It was not until later during the 1990’s that I develoepd a real appreciation for seventies music – especially Deep Purple – when I first met my second husband who was also a child of the seventies but grew up with the music from that time. We are now creating a unique accommodation in the NSW Hunter Valley Wine Region that will have memorabilia dedicated to the seventies and the great music that came from the era! Just goes to show you that great musicians will always be appreciated no matter how long it takes (Bach’s music was not revived until 100 years after his death!! – people said it had too many notes when he was alive!!!)

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