Concerto celebrates 50th anniversary

September 24 marks the 50th anniversary of the world premiere of Jon Lord's most famous work - Concerto for Group and Orchestra - at London's Royal Albert Hall. With new performances across Europe, in Canada and elsewhere, the work continues to captivate and enthrall audiences the world over. Its unique combination of orchestra and band … Continue reading Concerto celebrates 50th anniversary

Review: Jon Lord Blues Project, vinyl edition

At first there's a low rumble. Accelerating quickly it becomes that sadly missed signature run up the Hammond keys. The flourishing flow of notes escalates and builds into a crescendo and the band joins in. Back at the Chicken Shack is the opening track and we’re obviously in warm and friendly bluesrock territory here. Bubbly, … Continue reading Review: Jon Lord Blues Project, vinyl edition

New Jon Lord work celebrates life and love

An exclusive new version of Jon Lord's Zarabanda Solitaria will feature on a brand new series of CDs titled Music For My Love. Released by London-based label Toccata Classics, the series will ultimately comprise more than 100 new works for string orchestra composed and recorded in the honour of a young woman whose life ended much … Continue reading New Jon Lord work celebrates life and love

Jon Lord’s blues project

Classic tunes, lots of jamming and good times amongst old friends. Jon Lord Blues Project was one of Jon's final touring commitments, visiting the sweaty blues clubs of Germany. Consisting of colleagues from Jon's musical past, who had previously toured as the Olympic Rock and Blues Circus in the 1980s, each one of them had also played with Jon in other projects: Miller … Continue reading Jon Lord’s blues project