Jon Lord’s blues project

Jon Lord Blues Project, the Live CD
Jon Lord Blues Project, the exclusive live CD – still available

Classic tunes, lots of jamming and good times amongst old friends. Jon Lord Blues Project was one of Jon’s final touring commitments, visiting the sweaty blues clubs of Germany.

Consisting of colleagues from Jon’s musical past, who had previously toured as the Olympic Rock and Blues Circus in the 1980s, each one of them had also played with Jon in other projects:

Miller Anderson (vocals and guitar) is the inimitable voice on Pictured Within and November Calls.
Pete York (drums) played on several of Jon’s 1970s solo projects including his masterpiece Sarabande.
Maggie Bell (vocals) also sang on Eddie Hardin’s Wind in the Willows with Jon.
Colin Hodgkinson (bass) played with Jon in Whitesnake as well as on the Pictured Within album.
Zoot Money (keyboards) was also part of Endangered Species with Jon and Tony Ashton in the 1980s.

Fortunately, the tapes were rolling for one of these shows. Simply titled after the project, the CD came out not long after and is a testament to the qualities of the seasoned touring blues musician.

JLBP Live Front Cover 96pxJon Lord Blues Project, the exclusive live album, is available from Amazon.

See below for fan filmed footage from the very concert on the CD – Deep Purple‘s Lazy – filmed at Rottweil, Germany on May 14 2011.


3 thoughts on “Jon Lord’s blues project

  1. J’ai eu la chance de côtoyer John Lord (RIP) ET Toni Asthon (RIP) lorsque je travaillais comme comptable à l’Hôtel Post à Zermatt de 1984 à 1987 dans l’hôtel le plus fou de Zermatt. John avait encore de longs cheveux noirs. Toni demandait souvent des acomptes sur son cachet. Ils faisaient des superbes after hours (des supers boeuf). John Lord est (ou était) un artiste absolument grandissime en musique classique. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov et d’autres, ce que j’ai entendu lors de soirées à Zermatt il y a quelque 30 ansL’unique est le seul boss que j’ai eu comme absolument remarquable était américain et s’appelait Karl Ivasson, décédé il y a 1 année. RIP Karl.

  2. Fantástic! It’s a pleasure to me can se The best keyboard of the Universe in actin We missing you Mr. Jon Lord.

  3. There never going to be another artist like Jon Lord who played variety of music, from hard rock to clasical (modern days Beethoven) R.I.P. Mr; Lord

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