Jon Lord monument revealed

Jon Lord Ukraine mobile

A mini monument to Jon Lord has been revealed in Ukraine on the river Uzh in Uzhhorod: A mini sculpture of Jon contemplating the view from the riverside promenade.

Jon Lord Ukraine upclose

The captivating figure is the result of local enthusiasts who started a collection in the local cafe Under The Castle two years ago. Focusing on coins to symbolize the material for the sculpture, they eventually amassed 8 kilograms of coins from Ukraine, Soviet Union, Egypt, etc.

Jon Lord Ukraine finaltouch

The idea was to create a monument of Jon as the leader of Deep Purple, and its revelation was accompanied by special effect smoke bellowing across the river Uzh, symbolizing Deep Purple’s classic Smoke On The Water.

Jon Lord Ukraine SOTW

Uzhgorod sits on the border between Ukraine and Slovakia:

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 23.45.52


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