New Jon Lord work celebrates life and love


An exclusive new version of Jon Lord‘s Zarabanda Solitaria will feature on a brand new series of CDs titled Music For My Love.

Released by London-based label Toccata Classics, the series will ultimately comprise more than 100 new works for string orchestra composed and recorded in the honour of a young woman whose life ended much too soon. The first CD in the series will be released at the beginning of November.

Originally recorded by The Smith Quartet on the album “Dance” in 2010, the piece has now been arranged for string orchestra by conductor Paul Mann.

Major contemporary composers
– Jon was a patron of the label and a friend of its owner, Martin Anderson, whose partner Yodit Tekle is being commemorated in this set of recordings. I wanted Jon to take his place among the many other major contemporary composers who are involved in this project, but unfortunately, there isn’t really a suitable piece among the finished works. So it seemed appropriate to create an orchestral version of the Zarabanda Solitaria for this particular project, says Paul Mann.

Paul Mann rehearsing the strings of the Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra for the first volume of pieces for Music For My Love.
Paul Mann rehearsing the strings of the Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra for the first volume of pieces for Music For My Love.

– The arrangement takes the string quartet original and weaves the solo string voices in and out of the full string group. I have tried to imagine what Jon might have done, and I hope he would have approved. It is certainly one of his most personal and warm-hearted pieces, full of sadness, regret and ghosts of the past.

Loves won and lost
Jon wrote a little scenario which appears at the beginning of the score, and which explains the images behind the music:

“In an abandoned ballroom in a small town somewhere in the heart of Spain, a lone man, far advanced in his years, but still proud of bearing, walks slowly onto the dusty dance floor. He stands for a while, gazing into his past. Then, with only a slight hesitation, he begins to dance. As he grows more sure, he dances in memory of long ago and far away, and of loves won and lost. The dance ends, and with a wistful smile and a stiff bow to the ghosts, he walks out into the night.”

Paul Mann has conducted all the works on the CD and will conduct the full projected 100 works of music.

Read much more about Music For My Love on the project’s website, where you can also pre-order the CD:


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