Jon Lord thanks you

When Jon Lord turned 69 in June, it sparked a flood of birthday wishes both here on and on his Facebook page.

Recently, Jon Lord spoke out about how all this attention affected him.

– I was genuinely moved and touched to receive so many lovely things said on my birthday. That was really nice of everybody. Although I hate birthdays – I don’t see much point in celebrating the passing of time, but I am still here, and I’m pretty healthy and enjoying myself – I thank you everyone for all the good wishes. Bless them.

– I think the input onto the site has been terrific, and I should also say thank you for all the great reviews that people have put up from the various shows. It’s good of everybody to take time to share their experiences with other people, and I’m extremely grateful that most have been very complimentary and positive. That’s a good feeling.

– Thank you everybody also for the positive comments and for the questions. Of course the famous one is ‘when are you coming to so and so?’ I tried to explain that before, but it’s worth saying again, that everywhere is being looked at, everywhere. It’s not that we’re avoiding going to places, but we have to be asked, someone has to set it up. I can’t just say ‘yeah sure’. It doesn’t quite work like that.

– So I just want to make it clear to everybody who reads that I’m grateful for the comments. If there are suggestions or thoughts, I do try to take them onboard unless they’re kind of weird and wonderful, like why aren’t you doing ‘Smoke on The Water’, Jon Lord laughs.

Come back soon for more news and interviews with Jon Lord.


8 thoughts on “Jon Lord thanks you

  1. Hi Jon,

    Hi Everyone,

    I really like this website it’s great place to be for all the people who like your music !

    I’ve got a suggestion for song : “April” from the third DP album, and two song from the “Before i Forget Album” : “Bach Onto This” (without the synth 😉 ) and “Burntwood” (One of my favorite !)

    Hope to catch a gig one of you gig soon !

    All the best !


    Ps: Luxembourg with Doogie was terrific !

  2. Dear Jon,
    I wish You long years of health, happiness and prosperity! See you in Bulgaria soon. All the Best!

  3. Hi Jon thanks for continuing to create the poignant and passionate sounds that only you are capable of doing. As you once said it isn’t stylised its “Jon Lord” music and we love it.
    from the “Aussie red wine man” from Melbourne can you recall?

  4. Dear Jon,

    I wish You all the best.Thank You for Your wonderfull music!

    Greetings from Serbia!



  5. Thank you for the great and beautyful song “where are you”
    i love it,
    and i loved tony, too


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