Jon Lord jams with Deep Purple in Tokyo

Last night, on April 15, Jon Lord joined Deep Purple onstage at the International Forum in  Tokyo. He played  two songs with the band – Perfect Strangers and Smoke On The Water – the last song also featured Yngwie Malmsteen.

A YouTube clip of Smoke On The Water with clear sound has surfaced. You can clearly hear Jon Lord’s work particularly towards the end of the song:

This marks the third time Jon Lord has guested with the band since leaving in 2002 – Wembley in 2004 and the Sunflower Jam in London last September. This photo is from Sunflower.

Gillan and Purple

Thanks to The Bunnies.


One thought on “Jon Lord jams with Deep Purple in Tokyo

  1. FABULOUS performance!

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful moment with all of us!


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