Jon Lord jammed with the Purps

Extra long versions of Hush and Wring That Neck made sure Jon Lord fans got their dreams fulfilled at this year’s Sunflower Jam in London on Thursday evening.

Sharing Hammond duties with Don Airey, Jon Lord performed five songs with Deep Purple. This is Deep Purple’s setlist:

Pictures Of Home
Strange Kind Of Woman
Hush – w/Jon Lord
Wring That Neck – w/Jon Lord
Mary Long
Highway Star
Contact Lost
Steve Morse solo
Well Dressed Guitar
Smoke On The Water – w/Jon Lord + Bruce Dickinson
Black Night – w/Jon Lord + Bruce Dickinson
Lucille – w/Jon Lord + Bruce Dickinson

Come back for a full review with more photos from the evening.


10 thoughts on “Jon Lord jammed with the Purps

  1. Hello. Yes, Marcelo is right. I hope this concert can it will be be seen on DVD. Thank you Jon!!!!! you super!!!! Let a health be with you!!!!!! Always!!!!

  2. Hello, Jon. I am from Argentina and I am 18 years old. I am a total fanatic of Purple and of course of all your beautiful music.
    I could never see Deep Purple, in the shows they gave to my country (If with Don Airey). For that reason, I want fervently you to come to my country and that you meet again definitively with Purple.

    Sorry for my ennglish!!


    Chau! Nos vemos!

  3. hi jon its elliot greer here iv been invited i micheal jacksons celebration party 4/10/08 to sing some of my own songs but i dont know anyone there and am going my self would you know any one i could link up with thanks mate

  4. I was fortunate to see Deep Purple in 2001 in Bangalore, India. Jon Lord was amazing that night. We in India miss your music with Purple, Jon.

  5. HI Jon,

    You are the most inspiring, prolific musician on this entire planet, truly you have made my life better with your incredible life’s work. My husband took me to see you in Toronto with Purple in the 80’s (he saw you many times before) and I was exhilerated for an entire year! This past birthday, my husband brought me home some Purple records (London Symphony),and a DVD that you guys shot in Germany, what a romantic night! I love Sarabande and all your compositions. I am a musician and it doesn’t matter what era of music you have recorded; listening to your playing (just got the CD of Slaves and Masters) – just floors me everytime! So glad your writing continues to be prolific, love the fact you are following your heart with all your new and wonderful work, as you have truly opened mine!

  6. Jon: I have no words to describe your achievements as a musician, you created your own style that was a guiding light for many young and older musicians;your music stands no matter if is 1968 or 1972 or even 2008
    still shines like if you just wrote it, the admiration that I have and I’m shure many others is
    incredible huge.Your music will never become an oldie.
    Please never stop writing.

    Dennis Arellano

  7. Jon,
    Thank you for everything. Pictured within remains the finest album ever made. Never has an album touched so many lives (and saved a few including my own). How can such an album be so moving yet so uplifting. Please Please Please. Can we have you on tour in Birmingham UK. Please play Symphony Hall. The acoustics are incredible, it would really enhance the music. And please include Krystal Spa.
    Again. Thanks you for everything. You will never understand how much you have touched so many peoples lives in such a positive way.

  8. hi everyone… im from ecuador. Im agree with favio soto…jon lord is the master and monster of hammond go ahead¡¡¡¡ jon¡¡¡
    purple fan`s miss you…

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