Royal respect in Luxembourg

Germain Lorang sent this message after Jon Lord’s concert in Luxembourg on September 13:

‘Thanks Jon for the absolute wonderful two and a half hours lasting moment which at the end left feelings of ”I want more of that” and ”sad that it is already finished”.

Congratulations as well on your fantastic band and to Miller Anderson, Kasia Laska and of course the absolute amazing Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra under the conduction of Micha Damev who really showed that he enjoyed being part of this show. Thanks as well for the encores Bourre and especially an extraordinary Child in Time.

I succeeded in bringing my 14 year old son to the concert and, for him and especially me, I have to say you a very special and big “THANK YOU”. He was so absolutely amazed and pleased with the quality of this music that, since the concert, he is has become a Jon Lord fan (the classical Jon as well as the Hoochie Coochie and the rocking one) as well as a Deep Purple fan. His favouritism for Rap Crap is over and forgotten and new, great tones are flying through the house and the car now.

My deepest hope is now that this concert was recorded and that we can relive it on CD and DVD. The fans can see then how even the Luxembourg Royal family as well as other highly rated personalities stood up together with the rest of the public to show you their deepest respect for an absolute perfect performance by a standing ovation lasting several minutes.

Thanks again and I hope to see you back again in Luxembourg very soon

Germain Lorang’

One thought on “Royal respect in Luxembourg

  1. You are right. Magnificient evening. In the week after I re-listened to ‘Before I Forget’ CD and the BBC Radio Interview with Jon Lord (on CD 1993 LP 1982?) about ‘doing things with great orchestras – done and will do again’, about ‘being on stage as long as people want me…’ Old words came true.
    Yes, we want more of this kind of concerts…uniting generations and styles. A Royal experience. Excellent built up to the Child In Time special final. An immediate standing ovation. Never seen before.

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