Mark 3 reunion: Hot air and wild speculations

concrete wall img_0479wJon Lord comments on press rumours that Deep Purple Mark 3 will reunite and tour with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on drums:

It all seems like a lot of hot air and wild speculation to me.

I like Lars and what he has achieved with Metallica. He’s obviously always been very complementary in his comments about DP, and I love the story of his famous nine-years-old “baptism of fire” at our ’73 concert in The KB Halle in Copenhagen, but if I was asked to be involved in a “Mark III” reunion – (which, by the way, I haven’t. All I ever said was that the idea had a few good points and a few not-so-good points.) – and I indeed considered that offer, I would not be able to even imagine it without the presence of Ian Paice.

By the way – I have NOT retired!

Love, and as peaceful a new year as possible, to all of you.


On a side note Deep Purple’s Stormbringer album has been remastered and will be released with bonus tracks in February. Available in the new Jon Lord Music Shop.


51 thoughts on “Mark 3 reunion: Hot air and wild speculations

  1. MKII/III reunions are good to think about but i do not see either happening. if there was no album with it then what would be the point. To be honest the only`reunion` i would like to see is Jon and Ritchie doing an instrumental album with input from some former members. I think this would be better then any revisit to old tracks we have so many versions of already. How about it Jon?

  2. The rumors of a Mark III reunion have been virtually non-stop ever since you left Deep Purple similar to the classic Rainbow reunion rumors featuring Ritchie and Ronnie. Technology has dramatically changed since Cal Jam I. Surely, the five members of Mark III can find time to arrange a conference call to set aside a few months to rehearse and play a few concerts then decide whether to reunite for the long-awaited third studio album and a farewell world tour. Happy New Year, Jon!

  3. Stephens comment seemes to me the only realistic “reunion”. Even though I would really love to have Mark 3 (or 2) back again.
    Something thinkable would be with piano and acoustic guitar WITHOUT Candice singing!
    I`d also like to know: “How about it Jon?”
    I know you talked about it in an interview already, didn´t you?

  4. Heh if mark III happens its amazing (and wonderful) thing, but even more great would be if mark III and mark VIII toured together! And live dvd from that aah ecstasy. Seriously it would be great, but its a long shot really. Anyway happy new year to everyone and thanks to mr.Lord for great music!

  5. IMO there’s no need to revisit MKIII. I know, Glenn is off the drugs and other “nice things”, but he’s still “whooping and wailing”. Annoying!

    A MKII reunion for a few shows to celebrate their 40th this year would, on the other hand, be very, very nice:-)

  6. The sad thing is that it would only take 2 people to put their problems aside and say yes. Imagine having the power to wake up one morning, think “it wouldn’t be too bad”, put in a couple of calls to Coverdale and Blackmore, and you’ve got yourself an album deal and a world tour. It’s sad for the fans that never got to see Mk3 live but still love the albums, as Deep Purple always was and always will be a live band. Anyone who is currently 45 or younger never got to see Mk3 or 4, which is sad because the music that came out of it was amazing. Please Jon, for the 16 year olds like me that love the tunes, please give it a go!!

  7. Glenn will support Whitesnake for some gigs this spring. Fingers crossed Glenn & Dave will do something together on stage.


  8. Andy Mac says:

    Jon U R a Legend…The Best…Love ya work

    Anyway, a MK3 Reunion, Why???? Whats done is done.

    Why regurgitate sometime out of the past. If Lordy and Blackers and my number 1 inspiration as a drummer are happy in what they do, let it lie.

    Why must there be reunions etc etc.

    I know lets get the Beatles back together? We could always ask Julian or Sean Lennon and Georges son….huh

    Come on!
    $$$$ ching ching ching $$$$$$$

    Andy from Downunder.

  9. It’s just one gig…
    so where’s the problem?

    just go ahead an do it..
    you could fill o2 arena
    make a dvd and satisfy millions
    of deep purple fans…
    the people love and miss you..
    and the same goes for ritchie..

    Do you think you’re getting too old for that?
    Just look at guys like GRAHAM BONNET…he does is as long as you, and he is still so full of energy…

    greetings marco

  10. It could certainly be an interesting show. (I agree with the person who posted above re: Glenn’s yelping, so some sort of rider would be necessary.)

    Personally, I think Jon should do a blues instrumental CD with Ritchie and little Ian! They helped each other find their voices, and it would be great to hear them play together again.

  11. Jon, keep making your wonderful music. You’ve given enough to Deep Purple. Revisiting past glories is, typically, a hollow venture that lacks substantive reward. I don’t need you to play the Hammond again to make me happy. Simply follow your muse wherever it takes you and the people who truly admire your talents will follow you. God bless you.

  12. I hope MKIII does it. Just not Lars on drums. He is NOWHERE near the drummer Ian Paice is. I’d like to hear a new MKIII album too. I think Coverdale and Hughes still have something to offer.

  13. Agree with Jason above. Jon owes us NOTHING. He’s done with DP and he made it quite clear, so let’s RESPECT his decision at least. Hey, open up your eyes: he’s not sitting in some hideout doing nothing, he still makes wonderful music (the best ever, if you ask me) and, moreover, does LOTS of gigs where he plays Hammond on LOTS of old tracks. Speaking about which, how is it that everybody forgot we already had a DP reunion at The Sunflower Jam?

  14. MKIII why the hell not. It can work if the ego’s are left outside the door. The music was great and many fans like me today never got the chance to see them live. So come on let it happen, Coverdale, Hughes, Blackmore, Lord and Paice it can happen if they want it. Believe me there are many who will want to see it, also do it for the fans who have supported groups like Rainbow, Whitesnake Glenn’s solo work over the years. They should do it for the fans, tell me who would not want to hear Burn, Mistreated, Stormbringer, Lady Double Dealer, Soldier of Fortune live again?

  15. I like Lord, Blackmore and Paice reunion to make a instrumental cd, or with some singers (dio, gillan, coverdale, etc). Please Mr.Lord return to make some rock and continuos making your precious music too.
    Gracias and sorry for my english.

  16. – what a great idea. It´d be great.

    My setlist:

    And The Address
    Sail Away
    Hold On
    The Gypsy
    You Fool No One
    Soldier of Fortune

    Encore: What´s Going On Here

  17. It’s just a dream.but,why not?just one show,for the Fans!!or for the children of Africa or other place..for the Peace..just let the ego’s out,plug the mic’s,and Rock and Roll!

  18. Black Sabbath reunited with Dio and now they call themselves “Heaven and Hell” to avoid confusion with the concurrent Ozzy incarnation. Would a DPMK3 reunion call themselves “Stormbringer”, or maybe “Burn”? That’d be fun.

  19. I can understand or empathize with all the different views above
    Nonetheless I must admit I d love SOME KIND OF circumstance in which at least Jon, Ritchie and Ian will be reunited.
    They always were and are the CORE around everything Purply could evolve.
    But as it seems there is little hope something will happen in any shape or form.
    Do we really have to beg?
    Or is that unrespect behaviour from our sides anyway?

    Anyway, I wish you well
    I Love all your musical efforts!

  20. I would LOVE to see a Mk 3 reunion, but I understand that these dreams don’t always come true (see Pink Floyd reunion…RIP Rick Wright). And if the Dio/Sabbath = Heaven & Hell reunion can be an inspiration, so much the better.

    If not, any chance an American fan will ever see you again (without a passport)?

  21. Any kind of Purple reunion featuring Mr. Blackmore would be welcomed, but let’s face it – it ain’t gonna happen. He is happy doing his own thing now (I assume so is Jon).

  22. Back in 95 when Deep Purple were featured on BBC2’s Rock Family Trees, Jon Lord seemed more blatantly glad to see the back of Ritchie than any of them. This is why I fail to see the two men working together again.

    However I know this is Jon’s website and he is entitled to correct me if I am wrong.

  23. I have been a life long fan of Deep Purple, especially Jon Lord. Since I never required drugs to enjoy their music I was especially insulted but a remark made on a local USA CBS television show “Eleventh Hour” (remake of UK show).

    In season one, episode 10 at about 33+ minutes into the show the drug PCP was discovered by the main characters as the cause of violent behavior in a local town. The remark was made, “didn’t PCP go out of style with Deep Purple and pet rocks?”

    What do you think? Is any publicity good publicity?

  24. I to am a lifelong fan of all things purple,a mk3 reunion would certainly make me happy but I don’t think it would go down in history as a good move. I believe the guys are all too splintered in different directions to bring the magic back to that lineup. Perfect Stangers was great,I dont see Mk3 pulling a rabbit like that out of thier hat. Maybe I’m wrong,I would love it if they would prove me wrong… I’ll eat my hat.

  25. Ian Paice was, is and will be the drummer, without him … the band don’t be the real Deep Purple!!
    Deep Purple always will be the best band in the world with: Paice, Lord, Gillan, Glover, Coverdale, Hughes, Morse, Airey and the crazy little thing called Mr. Blackmore!!
    Long live to the great University of rock….DEEP PURPLE!

  26. The Mark II reunion worked for one strong comeback album and inspired world tour before things turned sour. There’s no reason that Mark III wouldn’t work for one world tour especially if Ritchie has enough songs written for a new album as he did Perfect Strangers. I agree that it’s unlikely Mark III would work beyond one album and tour.

  27. It could be really interesting to hear NOW how are the guys, imagine Lord-Hughes-Coverdale-Blackmore & guest drummer: “The Purple Shadow came back” by The Purples (it sounds good, ins´t it?)

  28. I think that Coverdale and Hughes actually are in very good form.

    I would like to see Deep Purple MK III again with Ian Paice on the drums!!!

    It will be better then actual Deep Purple line.

    I hate Don Airey and Steve Morse, they have nothing to say on the stage!
    Ian Gillan is finished.

    Fabio Russo from Italy

  29. Please do a reunion tour with Mk3 for us who didnt get the chance to see them in the seventies!!! Please please please!

    Magnus Holen from Norway

  30. Of course it would be great a MKIII reunion (with Paice, not Lars) and an updated version (with new rocky-bluesy tracks) of Made in Europe….What about “Made in EU” now?

  31. ..and one more thing: If an MKIII reunion is not possible, then anything with Lord, Paice and Blackmore will do! They are the true core of DP.

  32. Jon,
    Dont even waste your precious time with a MKIII reunion. I get more excited about a new Jon Lord release than I do about anything nowadays. Even a new DP album. But what I do not want to hear is David Coverdale screeching and ruining some classic songs. Has anyone heard him recently. He is embarrasing! He cannot sing anymore. I heard him murder burn recently. Type coverdale burn into youtube and see what I mean. Glenn on the otherhand is still as good as ever. Download his version of You Keep on Moving that he done for an american radio station (type in Rockline Glenn Hughes – on limewire). Blackmore is still fantastic and Ian paice is simply the best. So Coverdale is the weak link. However if an original member is missing and they replace him with someone simply for live perfomances it is then a short step to the End of the Pier. Jon Lord is britains greatest Living composer. The man who produced Pictured Within, The finest album EVER! He should not sully himself with anything more to do with Deep Purple. He can certainly be proud of his acheiments with DP, and it was nice to see him back with them at the Sunflower Jam and I hope they do it again and maybe ask Blackers back for the evening. ( I met Richie again recently and he really has grown up) He has developed a real sense of humour and is a joy to be with. His acerbic style of humour is more in the background now. So Jon, lets have the real follow up to Pictured Within. No electric Instruments. Get hold of Haagen Kuhr and go! Just pure magic again! And please please please, Can you please play at Symphony Hall in Birmingham. The acoustics there are a joy to behold. And would do the concerto and even better your solo material true justice.

  33. Jon,
    This September is the 40th anniversary of the concerto! Before the guys book up too much what about getting them together again for it. And get Don to perform a couple of his New Solo album a light in the sky! Would sound excellent with the orchestra behind it. And also do Krystal Spa. And “The Cathedral at Dawn”. Also Jon can you please answer me one question. The opening piece for Pictures of Home you wrote for the 99 Concerto show. Will you be doing anything with that piece. I love it. Reminds me of the Castrol GTX adverts in the 70s!

  34. Mk3 reformation – I don’t see the point – all the musicians are very happy doing what they are doing now.
    A one off gig would be nice though, but the time has probably passed..

  35. I see no Purple without Blackmore and that’s it! MkIII was just another band (though I like them very much). Blackmore, Lord, Paice and Gillan is the only DP.

  36. cant see this happening blackers as moved on and to many egos mk2 is the best.i do like the mk3 stuff but not DP GREAT BAND long live r n r

  37. Hi Jon, friend of Tonys…Legends of Rock rule haha. So the guys are doing great with OTR, just got back off russian tour, off to japan april. Dont retire dude, my good friend and i were chatting about who favorite keyboardist was, i said Tony (sorry ha) and he, said of course, you. Mentioned to T in an email, he laughably emailed back and said “John who..:)”
    Check out Myspace site set for him…keep rockin Jon.

  38. Jon you are a legend in your own right,i agree without the powerhouse in Ian Paice there couldnt and shouldnt be a reunion.Let it rest in peace there is no need to go on,the only reason i can think of is to let the younger so called rock fans a chance for them to see something out of this world.Happy New Year Mr Lord.

  39. Jon, I’ve always loved your music; absolutely love your playing style. I respect what you’re doing now, but I’d love to hear you playing with a great rock band again. And Ritchie Blackmore recently has said he would not rule out playing rock again. Maybe you, Ritchie, Candice and some others could play in some kind of configuration? Just throwing it out there as food for thought, if you have any interest.

  40. well dear jon i’m also a hammond player and pianist ,,with passion but not professional have been on a lot deep purple concerts. and have been playing last jear with the former pianist of steves band in atlanta in is shop piano …. well let me come to the point ,,,,, for me steve is much better composing with deepurple the only what i miss is you’re hammond sound don airy is a good player but it’s not the same …and hope to see u back soon in switzerland by the way great performance in gstaad

    best wishes from st.moritz, switzerlan


  41. Jon, first, congratulations for your music since ’68 (Shades Of Deep Purple), really. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Unfortunately, i didn’t had the chance to watch your show at the ‘Virada Cultural’, but I heard it was excellent.
    Back to the post, there is no MkIII without Ian Paice, he’s the only member that didn’t leave DP since the beginning, and he’s an awesome drummer.
    I’m Sorry for the bad english, and congratulations one more time!

    Felippe, Brazil

  42. It is not a good idea, I prefer the Mark II they throw(add) in lack(mistake) to Jon and to Ritchie, especially Jon. though Ritchie is very good, a genius, but his(its) egocentrismo ruined what it(he,she) created.

  43. As we all saw on the 15th of April in Tokyo, those who want something do not speculate. They just do it 😉

  44. There will be no MKIII Reunion.
    This morning I was in Lichfield to watch Jon in conversation in the Garrick Theatre. He is hoping to write some stuff and maybe perform with Richie, and they have been discussin this, but he does not want to reform MKIII. Which is great.
    Cant wait for the concert tonight.

  45. I really like Mark III Deep Purple. They are my favorite version of Purple, even topping Mark II in my book. But I also like Mark VIII and I really don’t see Ian Paice leaving the other 4 guys behind. And if Gillan, Morse,Glover, and Airey went on without Paice it wouldn’t be Deep Purple because there would be no original members left. So here’s my idea…
    The biggest most elaborate tour in rock and roll history featuring perforamces by all the versions of Deep Purple. Start the show off with a few numbers from Mark I. Then have Rod Evans and Nick Simper take a bow and leave the stage. On comes Gillan and Glover. Let them do a few tunes and have Gillan and Glover leave the stage. On comes Coverdale and Hughes. They perform a couple of tunes and every member in the bands history comes on stage to play a tribute to the late Tommy Bolin. The lights go down, on comes the reunited Mark II. Gillan leaves the stage and on comes Joe Lynn Turner. Turner leaves the stage and on comes Gillan again. Blackmore leaves the stage and on comes Joe Satriani. Satriani leaves and on comes Steve Morse. Then Jon Lord leaves the stage and is replaced by Don Airey. Then after a few more number there is an encore performace of every member in Deep Purple history. What do you all think?

  46. Don – the words “over”, “freezes”, and “hell” come to mind.

    No-one knows where Rod Evans is.
    Nick Simper has no interest in Purple post Mark I
    And Gillan and Lord hate Blackmore’s guts (sorry Jon if that’s an exaggeration) and Gillan has said personally he will never speak to Blackmore again.

  47. Don, your idea is a beautiful dream…an amazing event…but it’ll never happen. Even for those of us who cling to hope that some form of reunion will happen, there are several reasons why the scenario you’ve described won’t/can’t happen:

    1) Based on what happened in 1980, there’s NO WAY Rod Evans would be invited (and I don’t think he’s sung in front of a crowd since then anyway)
    2) That’s an awful lot of people who would need to clear their busy schedules. I don’t see Joe Satriani or Don Airey participating in a whole tour where they’re sitting backstage sipping coffee for 85% of the night). One night maybe, but how could you find one night where EVERYONE was available (have you seen their tour dates on their web pages?)
    3) Even if all these folks agreed to be part of the event (and it would have to be a ONE-TIME event, not a tour), how much $$ would it cost? That’s nearly a dozen musicians (most of whom still play in front of decent sized crowds) who’d command some salary. Who could afford tickets to such a show?

    One last note on Paice’s participation in a Mark 3 reunion: IF a one-off show were to take place, Ian wouldn’t be leaving anyone behind. All members of the current DP have been able to do side projects and still be in the band. This would be no different. They’d just need to schedule it in between DP tours.

  48. Thanks for updating me Rasmus. Obviously a fair amount of water’s gone under the bridge since the Deep Purple People documentary in 1995 (“It’s always back to Ritchie. Ritchie Ritchie Ritchie. His presence looms over everything. I always imagine him up there on a perch…”).

    But I guess RB just wasn’t a team player unless he was in charge like with Rainbow (even then though I don’t like what I’ve heard).

    If Jon were to rebuild any bridges with Ritchie it would probably make his continuing friendship with Gillan/Glover/Paice very difficult indeed…

  49. Although I often think a one-off reunion for a short tour could go out under another name like Stormbringer.

    Instead of Ritchie and Paicey they could have Joe Satriani on guitar and on drums… Johnny Bolin to keep the links with Tommy alive.

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