Going back to Grugahalle

Jon Lord is gearing up for his concert in Essen, Germany on February 3 – in the Grugahalle, where he used to perform with both Deep and Whitesnake.

– We played several times in the Grugahalle in Essen. I think one of the first big concerts that Deep Purple played when we started to get well known in 1969/1970 in Germany was probably in the Grugahalle. I played there with Whitesnake when I was with that band in the late 1970s/early 1980s and then with Deep Purple again.

– It will be fun to go back to this place with an orchestra, says Jon Lord.

For the February 3 concert, Jon Lord will perform the Concerto for Group and Orchestra and assorted solo pieces together with the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra and band incl. Steve Balsamo (vocals) and Kasia Laska (vocals).

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8 thoughts on “Going back to Grugahalle

  1. Yay. Got myself tickets for the concert today! I’m sooo much looking forward to it now. I first came across the Concerto as a child when my sister got herself the LP (and she must still have it somewhere), and now, at long, long last, I’m going to hear it live. Great! I’m soooo looking forward to it now! 😀 Cheers! Corinna

  2. Yuppieh. The tickets arrived in the mail today, as did my new CD! “Boom of the Tingling Strings” it is called (surprise-surprise, eh?), and “the strings” are “tingling” as I write this! 😀 Can’t wait for 3 February to roll around!!! 😀 The highlight of that day (next to the MUSIC, of course!!) would be if I could take some good photos? Don’t know what is allowed, though…

  3. Dear Jon,

    it’s my first message to a member of DP ever, but since this gig, the date may be it was the 11.10.69, I was eighteen and electrizised by this, your music and fascinated still today! Many thanks for all, coming up in the following years! Good luck to you and keep healthy and I will take a picture within, once more … heribert!

  4. Hello,
    Jon Lord live!! This is for me very first time. I`am very happy to see him and can´t wait this 11 days to this performance.
    Have a nice weekend and best wishes from Berlin

  5. Hello
    I am an musican and I´m a great fan of the concerto.
    I saw it in 2000 with purple and the romainien orchestra at the Westfalenhalle Dortmund. This was the best concert I´ve ever been in my live. ( And I´ve seen a lot: Purple, Floyd, Gary Moore, Toto etc)
    I´m so glad to have the chance to see it again in Essen.
    Thank you Jon, see you!!

  6. Jon, I saw the Concerto in Rotterdam and in Hagen last year and I did it again yesterday in the grugahalle. I have not enough words that can express my respect for the unbelievable achievement of your lifetime. Great concert last night. Your classical music can still be mixed with a rock-band. Thanks for all that good stuff and hopefully soon again!!

  7. Jon – I would like to upload onto Youtube – Bouree with my images. You can see these images on my website, the juxtoposition will be different as it needs to suit the expression of the music’s variation. I can send you the finish result so that you are sure its ok.
    Your work, like many people have expressed, has had a deep connection with us personally. It gets though the layers of our ordinary thinking and hits you. Keep well, keep writing and keep perfoming. Julia

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