– I am not the warm up act

Just to clear up what appears to be a bit of confusion about what I am playing at these three UK “Summer Proms” gigs I´m doing, on next Saturday the 26th July at Weston Park in Staffordshire, then on 16th August at Castle Howard in Yorkshire and on 23rd August at Marble Hill near Twickenham.

It has been variously reported that I´m playing the Concerto for Group and Orchestra, and/or that I am just doing a “warm-up” set with the Gemini Band before the “main event”.

So here´s the reality:- I am playing three pieces:- The Telemann Experiment, The Road from Lindisfarne and Bourree (from Sarabande). I will be playing piano and will have Steve White on drums and Mark Cox on guitar, (and a bass guitarist I haven´t met yet!) plus all three pieces will be with the full orchestra, and will be closing the first half of the evening.

Much as I try really hard not to get too puffed up, and get myself into a hissy fit about my position on the bill, I also have to confirm the following:- I am NOT the “warm-up act”!!

Peace, love, music and all that good stuff


8 thoughts on “– I am not the warm up act

  1. Way to go.
    People who can’t get their stories straight , or just have to talk to be heard, should learn to zip it! You’re not puffed up or having a hissy. Just telling it like it is.

    Again a written masterpiece from Jon Lord..

  2. Dear Jon,
    You really are a star! I LOVE! “Wait a While” which I have on CD with Sissel – that has to be the most beautiful song ever written!! Also, I heard your interview on ABC Classic FM on the morning programme, whilst you were in Adelaide (Australia). And I loved! your music so much that I went straight ahead and bought “Beyond Notes” and “Sarabande”.
    I didn’t even know that you were writing so amazing music!!!!? So thanks to ABC Classic FM and Sissel.
    I have spread the word – now a lot of people know of your incredible classical talent….
    I hope you’ll come to Sydney one day….!!!
    Kind regards, Vivian (former Dane – Now Aussie)….

  3. dear john
    is there any chance to get the sheetmusic of your compositions – i am looking especially for “kyrie” out of “pictured within”..it’s wonderful music all togehter! is there any other classical, sacred choral music available from you?
    we’ll see you in zurich in january 09. hope to getting an answer soon…

  4. hiya jon
    may ii say firstly that i think that you are the worlds foremost keyboard player.
    ok getting that out of the way i wondered if you would ever consider doing a stage musical consisting of all your work on a similar vein as we will rock you ?
    you take good care and if you come to bradford i’ll buy you a curry and a beer

  5. Dear Jon,

    Made me smile with the last comment….reminds me that my two favourite musicians through the years have the same gentle wry approach to life…..Ian Anderson and Jon Lord. What a combo that would make!
    Take care….your like an old friend I never met.

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