52 thoughts on “Jon Lord concerts in 2009

  1. Hi,

    You please inform me where to buy tickets for the August concert In Howard Castle?

    Any comments are welcome!!!

    Thanks a lot,


  2. Jon; Many thanks for everything. I have your recording Sarabande on vinyl. I purchased it when it first came out and it is in perfect condition. I first saw Purple at the California Jam back in 1973. You always gave us a great show. I know you probably get alot of these types of messages but it is heartfelt. You have inspired many and given so much.
    Thanks again, David Wiles Fresno California

  3. hi jon
    ive been a massive fan since i was first played dp in rock in the early 70 s by my older sister! have followed your career since and have seen you many times over the years im thinking of going to the weston park show and was wondering if it would be possible to get something signed at the show
    i recently paid a lot of money for a fully signed mk 2 lp off ebay didnt study the autographs too closely till recently and realised what i had bought was a album signed twice by roger glover and not by jon lord! any chance of me getting my record completed it would mean so much to me

  4. Hello Jon, we have an excellent Steinway Grand Concert Model D, Hamburg Made, from 1995. It sounds great in our Millenium room located at Las Hayas Resort Hotel, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia – Argentina.

    I know that you have planned concerts around the world, but perhaps this could be an experience for you to play in such special place. Every year we host the Ushuaia Classical Music Festival, http://www.festivaldeushuaia.com

    It will be a great honour to invite you to come either to play in the Festival, or any time around the year. February is the best month and winter is great for skiing.

    Nevertheless, be glad to learn that youa have also fans at the end of the world. Congratulations for your nice music.


  5. Hello Jon,

    Just wanted to take the time to say how much your music means to me. Thank you for so many hours of pleasure. I have just rediscovered the ‘Pictured Within’ album: I had forgotten how moving an album it is. I am looking forward to hearing the Boom of the Tingling Strings.

    All the best,


  6. Hi Jon

    When will you arrive playing at Finland? We are really waiting for you! It is long time since you have been here. Too long.

    Best regards

  7. Dear Mr. Lord,

    It would be highly appreciated if you would visit Holland in the near future for a concert or two….or better still a tour ! If you started in Amsterdam in october you would be home before Christmas.. 😉

    Thanks for your wonderful music.

  8. Hello Tunde

    You can book online or by phone

    UK number 08712716149.
    If you are outside the uk then im not sure if this number will work,i THINK you will need to remove the 0 from the beginning of the number and put in 44.

    website http://www.maconcerts.co.uk

    Im off,cant wait.

    Jon,i know you will get lots of requests to play here there and everywhere,but might i suggest the Bradford St Georges Hall,a venue that you have played with Purple.
    I think it would be very condusive for a Jon Lord band.

    By the way,Beyond the notes,it is quite quite magic.

  9. I have enjoyed this website quite well. I was driven to become a guitarist because of the best concert ever in a small musik hall,augsburg circa 1972.i mean ,when the vibe is right, the power of the moment that becomes………..thank you for a most extraordinary time in my life (i was 17). Peace to all brothers & sisters.

  10. Jon,

    I had the pleasure of attending Concerto at the Hollywood Bowl, California in 1970. I had followed the band since the first album. Your treatment of “I’am so Glad’ is still one the best. I also attended one of your first ‘rock’ gigs- opening for Zepplin. Purple was on for maybe 30 minutes! The musicianship at that time was overwhleming! I have followed your classic pieces, “Windows” – a masterpiece! As far as I am concerned, YOU are the basis of Purple.

    Thank you.



  11. Dear Uncle Jon,
    Been with you from the Burn tour of ’74 through Whitesnake and all your solo brilliance.The track “Before I Forget” will forever be my favourite tune. Please please come to Scotland, the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow would be ideal. My whole family would be there, it would be a perfect venue for your music. Keep writing and performing forever.

    Regards, Colin ,Kathy ,Susan and Kerry

  12. HI Jon,miss you not being with deep purple. When are you comming to the U.S.- Chicago area

  13. Hi Jon

    We are 5 fans (You already know two of us), comming in Luxembourg. I’ve just bought five tickets, and I guess we have sort of very good places. Be seeing You there, and thanks for your music and all those concerts you play for all your fans.

    Jean-Richard et Fanny (with my girl Carméla and good friends of us : Fabrice et Sylvie)

  14. Hi, I have been in touch with Castle Howard and although they confirm Jon’s playing, there is nothing on their website. The woman said it is part of the Proms, but as usual the programme is very full. I just wondered where Jon was going to slot in. Any information please ?
    I’ll still be there though, it’s a stunning backdrop and a mighty fine day !

  15. Hello Jon,
    I was a fan during your MK II Purple days and followed your musical evolution since then. Your latest Boom piano concerto demonstrates how far you have come and how much of a free spirit you maintained to keep. Poor Ritchie, what he’s done during the last decade actually goes into your direction but doesn’t even come close in musical terms. Hats off, Boom is a great achievement, Malcom Arnold must be looking at you with a big smile.
    Best, Roberto

  16. Dear My Sweet Lord,
    there is nothing more to say than those two words THANK YOU!

    Best regards
    Frank Burghardt,Mainz,Germany,44 years old

  17. G’day Jon It’s “The Aussie red wine man here! You gratiously signed Vinyl copies of “Before I Forget” & “Sarabande” for me after The palace concerts Melbourne 99 and additionally my C.Ds of the same plus “Before I forget” with very personal messgages which I have really appreciated. Additionally I met you again at the Melbourne concerts with the “What were to become “The HOOTCHIE COOCHIE’S” and presented another “Aussie Red’ to you!
    Jon it has been a great pleasue meeting you and even greater for me to have the music “Whisper in my ears”
    May we meet again and as I said to you “thanks for 30 years of listening pleasure” and your reponse” Thank you for 30 years of support! a pleasure JON!

  18. Ay up Jon.

    Weve got champagne tickets for Castle Howard in August and we were wondering which side of the stage youll be on.

    A little sad possibly you may think but me and Mick want to plonk our stall in front of yourself and watch and listen to the master.

    Plat what you want Jon,we love it all.

    Ps could the moderator please pass this on to Jon in the hope of a favourable indication of where to sit.

    PPs if there is a Hammond involved could we have a bit of swaying and crashing down on the stage floor and the associated crashing of the beast please

  19. Dear Jon,

    I wanted to express the warmest thank you from myself and my best friend from Australia, Anthony Emery for giving two serious fans the pleasure of your company at Sir John Mortimer’s recital in Buckingham almost a year ago. I don’t know if you can remember us, but I was getting married the following week and Anthony had flown over as my best man. You were a true gentleman and it was an absolute highlight for both of us to share a glass of wine with you. It was very humbling when we asked if it were possible to have a photo with you and your response was “with the greatest of pleasure”. Thank you also for giving us such enjoyment listening to your incredible talent over the years!

    May we meet again!
    Anthony D’Angio

  20. Jon,
    I’ve always loved your playing and I’m glad to see you are still active – I also enjoy many forms of music. Deep Purple is up there with the Beatles and Stones as far as I’m concerned. We’d love the chance to see you soon here in Southern California sometime.

    Best regards,

    Ed Strasser

  21. Hi Jon,
    thank you for 38 years of music.for me you are the best
    keyboardplayer ever.I cannot tell it in words,because
    my english is to bad. But through all those years it was the music of deep purple and nowadays your music that gives me so much fun and hope,especially during bad times.
    All I can say is

  22. I will be at York, I only live 100 miles away, it’s a nice City and one way or another, I will be at that show!

  23. Dear Jon,

    Unfortunately, I was not able to see your comments on the program regarding this Summer Proms events in advance.
    We travelled from London to York to see you for the first time in our life (me and my brother)and were so disappointed!
    Of course you are WERE brilliant. Sitting 6 metres far from the stage where you are playing Sarabande was really fantastic. The orchestra, sounds and co-operation were perfect too.
    To see you on the stage with J. Alexander was, however, quite odd and that you played only for appr.15 mins was a DEEP disappointment.:(
    It is a shame to announce a concert where you are given only SOME minutes!

    I hope to have the chance later to visit a real concert by Jon Lord.

    With much respect,


  24. Dear Mr. Jon,

    Any chance to for us to hear the the Concerto for G.and O. in Hungary or Austria in the near future?

    A nice Indian summer for you


  25. We really enjoyed the proms evening,with the Spitfire flypast,accompanied by the “Battle of Britain” theme (i admit i misted up a bit),but of course we were there for Jon.
    We were a little concerned when there was no mention of Jon in the introduction to the evening,everyone mentioned but the man himself.
    Needed have worried as when he did come on i found my other half had arranged some signed programs,they were handed to me by the security,nice one lads.

    Filmed most of Telleman and the one i look forward to most,Bouree.
    Hadnt heard road to Lindisfarne before,but i was immediately captivated by it,so Durham Concerto is going to be my next purchase.
    It would be great to have Jon do a full evenings preformance/performances in England,though im sure everyone else wants him in their own country too.

    Great stuff,we loved it,3 songs or not it was worth it

    Chris Mallinson

  26. hi jon i am singing for you somtime next year with the music box edinburgh i was just wanted to leave you a little comment hope your well

    god bless!!!

    elliot greer

  27. Hi, please wouldt you be so kind to you tell me which concert you play at Zürich in january. The same as in Luzern?

  28. I’ve just read on a hungarian website that you’re gonna play in debrecen and budapest next years spring:).Is it true?I hope so though it’s not confirmed anywhere else.
    when I accidentally met you at the box office of the Royal Albert Hall before the Gilmour’s On an Island concert(and you signed my passport) I couldn’t dare to dream of you coming to my hometown(Debrecen)
    God bless you-before I forget-to mention:)

  29. Hi Jon

    I’ve read the program for Zurich (my wife Fanny and I already have our tickets)…. Oh Lord, it’s great….
    Durham concerto, with the pipes, what a great gift to us, your fans….


  30. I attended deep purple 2 live concerts in Kuala Lumpur (Shah Alam Stadium) and Kuala Lumpur International Airport a few years ago. I really enjoyed your performance there.

    I wish if you could team up with Ritchie Blackmore and plan your tour in Kuala Lumpur because both of you have good chemistry, citing your previous albums with deep purple. The most obvious was BURN with excellent arpegios. You and Ritchie are having strong followers here.

  31. Hi Jon,
    I hope that You came in Serbia,and perform some of Your amazing stuff!!!But,if You don’t,I will be in Your Debrecen or Budapest concerto,if i done a Schengen visa:(((.
    Greetings from Serbia!

  32. Hi Jon,
    I still remember your fantastic performance in Barcelona with the Purps featuring the mighty Joe Satriani. It was in 1994. It remains very deeply in my mind.
    When will you come back to my city? Please don´t forget us in your future touring plans my friend.
    Barcelona – Catalonia

  33. Master Lord

    Please come back to Brazil!!!!! The last time we saw you was in 2000 with Deep Purple doing a amazing Concerto Tour, We miss You!!!!!

    Best Regards


  34. Master Jon Lord:
    I’m a fan from Argentina, and we wait for your visit. I knew Deep Purple a few years ago, and one of my unconclused dreams is see you, playing the piano or your AMAZING Hammond Organ. I hope see you the next year, or the next, or the next… You are a hugh inspiration for me and other thosands of argentinos that, like me, wait for your comin’ to our country.

    My best wishes for you, a friend from Argentina.

  35. Dear Jon Lord,

    I wish there will be the day of your concert in Russia. You have been in Russia only couple of times before with DP for very short stays. Please come over for a longer stay and you will enjoy this country and the people there. You do not expect probably how many fans of yours are in Russia. And Russia have never heard your solo works live. Thank you for your music!

    Kind regards,

    Alexey Popov

  36. Hi, Jon
    why don’t you play Near Venice?
    I Hope to meet with Tolo Marton in a Wonderful concert!
    Since his childhood dream of seeing one of your concerts.
    I hope for a reply.

    Ciao, Ciao


    Let’s Rock !..!_

  37. Dear Mr. Lord,

    I absolutely love Boom of the Tingling Strings and Durham Concerto. So beautiful to listen to. I never tire of them. Hope you will perform some day in San Francisco. I would definitely come to that!

    Warm regards,

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