Jon Lord captivated Camden


– One of the greatest musicians this country has ever produced.

With those words, bass player Damon Minchella introduced Jon Lord as Trio Valore’s special guest at Camden’s Jazz Club in London on Sunday night. To enthusiastic applause, Jon Lord performed four songs with the trio.


On piano, Jon Lord played Dam Square and an instrumental version of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab – both from Trio Valore’s new album, Return of the Iron Monkey.

Switching instruments with the band’s Seamus Beaghen, Jon Lord then did two Graham Bond classics on the Hammond organ to audience exclamations of ‘Great!’


Talking to the audience, Jon Lord explained how Wade in the water was a track he’d first heard with ‘a wonderful group called The Graham Band organisation, back when none of you were born!’

That band featured ‘the immortal Graham Bond from whom I pretty much first learned about the Hammond organ – just from watching him,’ Jon Lord said.

Halfway through the song, Jon Lord brought the band to a stand still as he took the volume all the way down for a delicate passage that hushed the venue.

Next up was Spanish Blues, which Graham Bond also used to do, said Jon Lord.

– I love it and for years it’s been in my heart. Now it’s also in my fingers… The wonders of modern science, he quipped.

Spanish Blues turned into a fierce up-tempo Hammond tour de force, as drummer Steve White shifted gear and fingers were let go across the Hammond keys – before leaving room for a piano solo from Seamus Beaghen.

– It was just a jam, but I love to jam, Jon Lord said Sunday night and expressed his love for the Hammond organ.

– It’s my home. I know exactly what I can do with it – and what I can’t do.

Spanish Blues was also a track Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore used to jam to at soundchecks when Lord and his former sparring partner were both in Deep Purple.

Jon Lord’s guest spot with Trio Valore was born out of drummer Steve White’s work for Jon Lord at his solo shows in Switzerland and Luxembourg earlier this year.

On Sunday December 7 you can catch Jon Lord on Hammond again with Trio Valore at Shepherds Bush Empire in London as part of a large tribute show to Cream drummer Ginger Baker.

Trio Valore are Seamus Beaghen (keyboards), Damon Minchella (bass) and Steve White (drums). Find out more on


2 thoughts on “Jon Lord captivated Camden

  1. I was very curious about the show and I see the band was very brave and chose some really rare classics from the late and, unfortunately, a bit fogotten Graham Bond Organisation. And who else could pay this small tribute to Bond if not Jon Lord.

    Although we all miss Jon in Deep Purple, retiring from the band gave him absolute musical freedom which he obviously enjoys. In past six years he has explored both of his passions – classical music (solo) and blues (with the HCM). And now he proves his versality by trying a more jazzy direction with Trio Valore. Good, Lord!

    Let’s hope there’s much more to come from this particular collaboartion. Maybe Jon would guest on a live DVD from the trio, or maybe even play on their next album. Anyway, good luck!

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