Jon Lord going for Swiss time

Jon Lord has three Swiss concert appearances coming up – December 13 and January 10 and 12. Check out the poster below and the tour dates page for all the info on these shows.


Thanks to Denis Zürcher.

To prepare for the shows, you can also check out these three clips of the Concerto for Group and Orchestra as it was performed by Jon Lord and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Northampton in 2007:

2 thoughts on “Jon Lord going for Swiss time

  1. Happy New Year Jon!
    You know, it’s funny -I’ll be 50 this year and I’m still such a ‘groupie’. Thing is, it has purpose (oh God – another purp word!).
    Deep Purple and its individual members’ solo efforts are always about talent. An approach that is gone now in contemporary artists.

    I still marvel at Sarabande, the Concerto, and just love Pictured Within. Got anything planned with Pete york? What a great pairing.

    I learned to play drums listening to Grand Funk in the late 60’s then really tried to learn drums with Purple beginning with Machine Head. Paicey has always fabbergasted me, God bless him. I did OK, but let’s face it . . .

    You inspired me to take up keyboards. No, I’m not any good, but every time I learn something new I get that great sense of accomplishment that the musical journey brings. It’s actually really cool starting from scratch. Do you still get that feeling?

    I wish you well and good fortune. Thanks for everything, Jon.- Dan

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