São Paulo: Jon Lord on MTV Brazil

Last night in São Paulo, Jon Lord performed a free concert as part of the city’s Virada Cultural festival. The concert took place in a large square on one of São Paulo’s main streets in front of thousands of viewers.


Folha Online has a report with Jon Lord performing the Concerto, interviews with the crowd and people watching from their windows (click photo).

Together with the Orquestra Sinfonica Municipal conducted by Rodrigo de Carvalho, Jon Lord performed these pieces:

Concerto For Group And Orchestra
Wait a While
Pictures of Home
Soldier of Fortune
Child in Time

Listen to a sample of the Concerto in this clip (after 2 min).

‘It was great, just great,’ writes local reporter Marcelo Soares.

‘The organ was mixed louder than the other instruments, and Jon was really inspired. Many in the audience had never heard about Jon Lord or Deep Purple, but were stunned by the piece. Others travelled huge distances just to have this chance to see him – which was very unexpected since he left Deep Purple.’

One guy came from Paraguay, 22 hours by bus, just to watch the concert. Others came from Rio, 5 hours by bus.

Jon Lord was interviewed for MTV Brazil, where he talks about the story behind the concerto.

‘It’s the story of the love of a young man – which I was at the time-  with classical music and rock music,’ explains Jon Lord.

Lord also comments on the joys of his post-Purple career – he can play whatever he wants, with whomever he wants, even with Purple – and compares his post-Purple career to Ritchie Blackmore’s post-Purple career.

Jon Lord thinks Blackmore is braver than him, because Blackmore’s Night is more niche-specific than Lord’s music.

The interview will air on MTV Brazil Tuesday May 5 at 9.30pm (-3 GMT), and it might include footage of Jon Lord rehearsing Soldier of Fortune.

Thanks to Marcelo Soares.


13 thoughts on “São Paulo: Jon Lord on MTV Brazil

  1. I just would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Mr. Lord for your amazing show @ Av. Sao Joao, Brazil, last night.

  2. Sir Lord,

    Thank you from the deep of my heart for the wonderful last night here in São Paulo, I`ve came from a far place (750 km from Sao Paulo) only to see you and the effort worth it.

    You`re a legend dude,

    Regards from Brazil \/n

  3. Thank you Lord, you’re the number ONE, the show was crazy!!!

  4. I just wanna say:
    “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, My Lord !!!”
    We hope to see you here in São Paulo again, SOON !!!

  5. Mr. Lord

    I loved the concert!!!
    And Purple songs too.

    Please, come back for more shows in Brazil!!!

    Next time, I’ll ask you an autograph =)

    And, copying the last comment: “You’re a legend”

  6. I was there and was the best show i ever watched in my life
    it was amazing!! all the songs, all the musicians, every single detail!!

    and please, come back here again!!

  7. Thank you, very, very much, Mr. Lord!
    It was a great concert!
    I hope to see you again, but at the right place this amazing work really needs: a theater! Like the “Teatro Municipal de São Paulo” or the “Sala São Paulo”.

  8. Thanks Jon Douglas Lord

    It’s a privilege to see you again. Your music and the feelings that it brings to me had been my pals last twenty seven years.

    Thanks Mr. Lord. Your show was supreme!


  9. Hi Jon , i´m Marcelo from Sao Paulo , i loved the concert but Pictured Within was not played.

    I hope you come back soon , all the best

    Marcelo Gomes

  10. Mr Lord

    Many thanks for your wonderfull show here in Brazil, We had to wait 9 years to see you again, please come back soon!!!!!!

    Best Regards

  11. Oh, thank you Jon!! Great show!

    I’ve already watched Deep Purple 4 times here in São Paulo, but they’ve never played Child in Time. Thanks for this masterpiece!!

    I thought I’d die without hearing this song in person. Now I’m happy!!! 😀

    Best Regards

  12. Thanks, Lord, the concert was really fantastic! Thank you for writting it! I hope you do the same comemoration with Sarabande! 😀

    You will always be welcome here.

  13. Thanks Jon, You are the Lord.

    Your show was a nice present for my birthday.

    Thanks a lot

    Paulo Corredori

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