Review: Versatile genius is a true hero

‘Two months after Deep Purple’s last concert in São Paulo, we had the great pleasure of seeing another gig from the Purple family in our city,’ writes Lucidio Arruda, who sent this review and photos.

Jon Lord played the the Concerto for Group and Orchestra as the opening act of Virada Cultural, a 24-hour annual event sponsored by the municipality with hundreds of cultural events around the city – concerts, dance performances and all forms of art for free!

As hard die fans of Jon Lord we of course can’t miss this opportunity. Some people in the audience travelled over one thousand kilometers to see the the show.


The stage was set at one of the main avenues in the centre of the city. Me, my wife and daughter got very close to the front row, which contained mainly Deep Purple fans. Some were familiar with the Concerto, others expected a rock show. Some people also just showed up to enjoy the free music.

Jon Lord arrived onstage and was greeted warmly by audience. The Concerto start and the crowd went crazy when the Hammond finally was put into action.

The second and third parts of the Concerto were marked by improvisation, both from Jon as well the group musicians. The exciting drum solo was extented more than expected while Jon signaled to maestro Rodrigo Carvalho to wait a little before adding the orchestra.

After the Concerto we were granted with Wait a While and three Purple songs. Pictures of Home is a perfect hard rock song to play with a orchestra. The line is just perfect. Then Soldier of Fortune.


Singers Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska made a great performance, and the amazing Child in Time closed the show.

We got 1 hour 20 minutes of the best music in the world which shows the versatility and genius of a true hero. I think the Lord could have play one or two more songs if the stage wouldn’t have had to be adjusted for the next act.

Jon Lord and Orquestra Sinfonica Municipal de São Paulo
Rodrigo Carvalho (maestro)
Steve Balsamo (vocal)
jonlordsaopaulo02_lucidio-arruda2Kasia Laska (vocal)
Chester Kamen (guitar)
Guy Pratt (bass)
Steve White (drums)

Concerto For Group And Orchestra
Wait a While
Pictures of Home
Soldier of Fortune
Child in Time

Thanks to Lucidio Arruda.

MTV Brazil will air their interview with Jon Lord Tuesday May 5 at 9.30pm (-3 GMT).

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