Muuuuitooo Bom!!! (São Paulo on film)

Jon Lord’s concert in São Paulo on Saturday was filmed by a number of fans. Some of these clips are now available on Youtube. Here is a small selection of concert and rehearsal videos:

Jon Lord’s energetic Hammond solo from the Concerto

Soldier of Fortune

Child In Time (first half)

Child In Time (vocals to Hammond and guitar solos

Child In Time (ending)

One ingenious individual also captured footage from the rehearsals:

Child In Time rehearsal

Soldier of Fortune rehearsal

3 thoughts on “Muuuuitooo Bom!!! (São Paulo on film)

  1. Mr. Lord , that was a great show ! I’ll never forget, you are one of the greatests musicians of our time. It’s very good to see you again.
    What a kindness of you to play for the brazilian audience.You are a great man.

  2. Simply a master. I was there in both ocasions and he gave us an incredible show. Thanks Mr. Lord

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