Jon Lord talks to Rick Wakeman

You can now watch Rick Wakeman’s interview with Jon Lord for free on RockOnDigital.

Jon Lord has filmed an interview with Rick Wakeman. The one-hour show covers a wide selection of topics including tales of Deep Purple’s first appearances on US television in 1968, Jon Lord’s classical solo works and his friendship with George Harrison.

Watch’s exclusive trailer for the show:

In their light hearted conversation the two keyboard meastros also exchange views on working with symphony orchestras and touring Japan in the early 70s.

The interview will be free to watch later on RockonDigital’s On Air section. Until then you can download it from their website for $6.


4 thoughts on “Jon Lord talks to Rick Wakeman

  1. What happened to the RockonDigital links? The website doesn’t seem to exist. The link from Rick’s site is also broken!

    I was looking forward to watching this – my idea of heaven.

  2. We’re not sure what happened to RockOnDigital, Craig. Trying to find out.

  3. Thanks for the info Rasmus.

    According to the guys who run Ricks website it should be back on line soon.

    Watch this space!

  4. Awesome interview Jon. I traveled from San Francisco to London, then to Hampton Court to see Rick Wakeman perform his epic “Six Wives of Henry the VIII” at the castle, May 2, 2009. The show was spectacular with orchestra, choir, 5 piece band including Wakeman’s son Adam, and Brian Blessed as narrator to tell the story of Henry and his six wives. Read a full review at

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