5 thoughts on “The Sun Will Shine Again – live

  1. GREAT!!! GREAT!!! GREAT!!!
    “The Sun Will Shine Again” is one of the absolute most beautiful songs, which FRIDA ever recorded and I will be thankful to Jon Lord for all the time, that he recorded this wonderful song with FRIDA!
    For me, also this live appearance is the best one, which Jon and Frida did!

    I am still missing the planed album with FRIDA and Jon Lord and I would be so happy, if something more will follow with both of them – they are perfect!

    Best wishes from Vienna.

  2. It was 5 years ago but still feels like yesterday… Thank you so much for this fabulous performance! Very touching, always brings tears to my eyes when I watch it…

    Any form of further collaboration (album or single or whatever one can think off the top of one’s head) would be a dream.

  3. A Touching performance and a beautiful heartfelt recording thankyou Jon and thankyou dear Frida wee miss your voice!

  4. Yes, it would be pure magic if Frida and Jon did do an album together.

    What Kate said is true… it seems only yesterday when this song first was heard.

    I have been an ABBA fan, and in particular… a Frida fan, since 1976, and while I’ve always gained much bliss from hearing Frida’s magnificently versatile and emotive voice, it is only this song that leads me to tears… the song, with Frida’s wonderful interpretation brings me to tears every time.

    Thank you Jon and Frida.

    Cheers from Australia.


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