Doogie White confirmed for Jon Lord concert

Doogie White Singer Doogie White is confirmed for Jon Lord’s concert at the antique Roman theatre, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on September 1.

At short notice, Doogie White is taking over the male vocalist spot for Steve Balsamo who is unavailable for this concert.

Doogie White says:

– I have been asked to sing with Jon Lord in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on September 1. I will be 173719_88845_jon_lord_smebgstanding in for the very splendid Steve Balsamo.

After Bulgaria, Doogie White will travel to Turin, Italy to rehearse for a show with Ian Paice, Neil Murray, Phil Hilborne and Neil Otupacca. The ex-Rainbow singer is also working on a solo album.

Kasia Laska will handle female vocal duties at Plovdiv.

Buy tickets for the concert.

Plovdiv is in central Bulgaria – marked below by the letter A.


2 thoughts on “Doogie White confirmed for Jon Lord concert

  1. My goodness Jon. where have i been recentley and just HOW did i miss such utterley beautiful beautiful music?
    Jon i am just now listening to `Picture within` on spotify. i discovered it quite by accident when i was looking for the first of the big bands album. I have a huge amount of deep purple albums which ive collected over the years. I have to say although i appreciate classical and orchestral music ( mainly of the pastoral kind) i am not really a big listener.
    I mainly listen to Jazz and blues and prog rock.
    I have to say that i am listening to this utterly marvelous piece of music, way way past my bedtime.
    However it has me spellbound and utterly transfixed it is so, so beautiful. Thank you Jon for composing such wonderful music. It has moved me to tears as i listen. tears of Joy that is.
    I shall be ordering my very own copy from Amazon very shortly.
    I hope you may come and play in kent sometime. Maybe Canterbury Cathedral or the Marlow theatre?
    Thank you once again , Your music is so peaceful and uplifting.
    Trevor Wales.

  2. I waiting for Plovdiv concert with such impatience.
    After been diehard Deep Purple fan from 25 years, having all of Jon Lord albums, this event will be the top of all… first seat, first row…i wish you very good mood and spirit through the show and many wonderful moments in Bulgaria,

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