Jon Lord to open Hammond Lab in London

Jon-Lord-at-the-HammondJon Lord is set to cut the ribbon and officially open the new Hammond Keyboard Lab at London’s Tech Music Schools on November 28 2009. Joining him will be renowned Hammond player James Taylor.

Tech Music Schools says they are honoured to have such influential figures present for the opening of the all new premises.

The brand new Hammond Keyboard Lab features 6 x XK1 drawbar keyboards, XK3c drawbar keyboard, XK pro system 2 manual organ and a Leslie 2101 speaker system.

Jon Lord is supporting the Tech Music Schools in their decision to teach specialised modules in Hammond organ. The 1 Year Diploma, 1 Year Cert HE and 3 Year BMus Degree students will take part in learning the instrument. There will also be a specially devised part time course and private lessons available purely for the Hammond Keyboard.

As well as opening the doors of the lab, Jon Lord will take time out to meet potential and existing students as well as signing memorabilia following the opening.

More info at

Watch Jon Lord explain how he developed his inimitable Hammond sound:


4 thoughts on “Jon Lord to open Hammond Lab in London

  1. hi guys, i was there and unfortunately jon couldn’t make it. they said he was on his way, but he felt unwell and had to pull over from the M4. what a shame, i was hoping to meet him. cheers.

  2. And your next album featuring this glorious, huge piece of furniture, please, please, please!

  3. Jon Lord says he is fine now. It was just a bit of food poisoning – a stomach bug sort of thing. Thank you for your concern.

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