Video: Kasia Laska sings Soldier Of Fortune

Kasia Laska is Jon Lord’s live female vocalist. Watch and enjoy her own acoustic version of Deep Purple’s Soldier Of Fortune, filmed for Polish morning TV earlier this year.


2 thoughts on “Video: Kasia Laska sings Soldier Of Fortune

  1. She’s one of the best singers I ever heard!!!!
    And also a very good person,lovely one..
    Kasia, I keep my fingers crossed all the time!!!

  2. kasia laska is amazing voice very softly and exiting!!!in bulgaria- plovdiv she was fantastic in the general repetition- i am crying in this moment- full surprise was your manier of singing!!!thank you kasia!!!in concert after that she and jon are brilliant with our bulgarian gruop TE and orchestra!!!shine on kasia!!!in bulgaria you have my heart forever!!excuse me for my terrible english..:))))

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