Jon Lord’s love for Switzerland

For almost 40 years, Jon Lord has been a frequent guest at the Swiss ski resort of Zermatt.

The place was recommended to him by his friend Tony Ashton, and he first went there after the Machine Head recording sessions in Montreux in December 1971.

In a brand new interview with Switzerland’s, he talks about his life long love for the picturesque little town in the Alps.

– Look around, it is such a great place, all those rocks, the snow and the blue sky. It is still this picture postcard into which I walked almost 40 years ago. It appealed to me immediately. I have always felt very much a part of this place. People know me, but whoever who you are, even if you are the king of the world, they would just leave you alone, explains Jon Lord.

In the interview, Jon Lord also discusses his approach to composing music, how he first met Frida in Zermatt, meeting a friend of the guy who fired the infamous flaregun at the Montreux Casino in 1971 and much more.

Read the full interview on

Extra: Watch Jon Lord perform (the unreleased) Air On The Blue String live at Zermatt Unplugged on April 9, 2008:


2 thoughts on “Jon Lord’s love for Switzerland

  1. Breathtaking, just breathtaking! What a lovely tune. Now all I can hope is that it will appear on one of the next records :-).

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