Live in São Paulo

Watch Jon Lord perform Child In Time live in São Paulo, Brazil. On vocals Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska.

The concert took place on May 2 2009 as part of the Virada Cultural Festival and was filmed by local TV.

11 thoughts on “Live in São Paulo

  1. Very true, Xebastyan – and Guy Pratt on bass, Chester Kamen (guitar), and the Orquestra Sinfonica Municipal de São Paulo conducted by Rodrigo Carvalho.

  2. thanX for the info, stunning version, like it very much! groove on.[I have seen Steve several times with Paul Weller]

  3. Thanks for letting us see this video…it’s great. I love following Jon’s playing and it never disappoints me. This really highlights his great diversity and improvisation….rock, blues and baroque in one single phrase….nowhere else can you find such a successful and effortless amalgamation of sounds

  4. Dear Maestro, please don’t take this the wrong way, because I love your piano playing, but you were made for the Hammond. I love Sarabande and Pictured Within but you gotta get back to the studio with a Hammond. Choose the musicians carefully, but let me dream a little.

    Heavy blues mixed with lighter acoustic work. Get RB in for one or two tracks with his current love for acoustic guitar but one with his Strat. Would not want to turn this into a DP family reunion, but I can see IG and IP fitting in too. And DC funnily enough, but on your terms….Just don’t use too young musicians who, while proficient, have no finesse and feel for the music. Santana, Pete York, Robert Plant, Peter Green, Greg Lake, ColdPlay, Snow Patrol….

    Another thought, a wild one- Lord, Emerson & Wakeman (Hammond, Moog, Roland/Piano respectively….). I did say wild….

    Whatever you decide, it will be amazing. Wishing the very best of health and music for 2010.

    Any chance of you coming to Cyprus or Greece?

  5. Dear Jon!

    Thank you for the wonderful “Child in time”video. A happy new year to you and everyone you love.


  6. Dear Jon Lord!
    Thank you very much for this version of “Child in time”. But I personally prefere the good old Purple-version with all your old pals from Deep Purple.
    It is the same situation when Paul Rogers wants to replace the One And Only Freddy Mercury!
    All the very best to you, best rgds from Austria, Gerald

  7. With the greatest respect Gerald, it is NOTHING like the situation with Paul Rogers and Queen.
    Paul was standing in for a deceased singer and playing material he didn’t write, with the original band – who did.
    How does that equate with the wonderful voices of Steve Balsamo and Kasia Łaska, plus me, playing a song I co-wrote, with musicians I chose, who have never been in Deep Purple, (who incidentally, are still alive and kicking!), and adding an orchestra too?!
    You, of course, are totally free to prefer the Purple version – I adore it myself – but I’m afraid that your
    Paul Rogers analogy seems rather odd!

    Kindest regards right back at ya.

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