Have you noticed such things?

A penny for your thoughts. How do you like Jon Lord’s new album?

A few people already offered their thoughts on To Notice Such Things.

Add your own comments below or email them to us:

Dear Jon,
Thank you for another wonderful album. Love it so much but just can’t stop playing the instrumental version of ‘Evening Song’. Another triumph.
Vince Budd

Lovely stuff – you’ve managed to write one of those timeless English tunes in the second movement! And the string writing is wonderful. Looking forward to Liverpool tremendously.
Dave Griffiths

My copy arrived this morning and hasn’t been out of the player since – gorgeous gorgeous music, so lyrical so sad so uplifting such sweeping themes – surely Notice is a worthy collection of works to complement Durham & Boom & Disguises and to confirm Mr Lord among the finest of English classical composers – ever? Thank you again Jon for the music.

I’m not surprised it’s selling well, what an absolute delight – just like Heaven here on Earth! Thank you Jon.

Fab Album, Jon at his best again, looking forward to Liverpool concert, what a mystro!
Philip Bradbury

Jon Lord’s new music album sounds amazing! Great stuff as always from a master of music! Cheers to Jon Lord! Kind regards!
Jim Manngard

I LOVE this album. I’m inclined to say that this is now my favourite Jon Lord CD.
Paul Scott

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5 thoughts on “Have you noticed such things?

  1. It’s really a wonderful album. When you read the idea that’s behind the album, you can see Sir Mortimer do his Stick Dance. For now, my favorite, but I still need to listen to the last two track of the cd.
    It arrived yesterday after my preorder on Amazon.

    Hopefully I will be able to hear this live someday. Please take it to Holland.

    Best regards,

    Robert Daems.

  2. I absolutely love all your work, I need the cd or download. Do you know when it will be released in the USA. HUGE fan for 38 Years.

  3. I got my preordered copy yesterday (stupid snail mail!) and when the first few notes filled my livingroom it was like floating away into a lovely and colourful landscape of imagination.
    This is again – like Durham Concerto – an album that works like an impressionistic painting. At first sight you get a picture, but whenever you return to it, you discover more and more lovely details.

    To be honest, I discovered but one drawback so far: The moment of returning from my dream-journey with the end of the album tends to come much too soon…;-).

    Thank you Jon for another inspiration!

  4. Dear Jon, listening to To Notice Such Things i remember this. Back in 1969/1970 the Concerto played a role in a dispute with my father pro and con “popmusic made by people with long hair”. He had to admit it sounded “classical, but these boys still had too long hair”. A year later I played In Rock (very loud). My father shouted upstairs: “put down that noise, what is that?” I answered it was the same group who played the Concerto. I: “Listen to that Hammond-organ, a classical instrument in a popsetting!”. It didn’t convince my father. During a holiday that year my grandmother, my uncle (4 years older than me and sadly passed away a few years back in a traffic accident) and I went to church. The organist was playing “slow heavy notes” before services began. My uncle, also a fan of In Rock, whispered to me: “Jon Lord on the organ”. My grandmother didn’t understand why we had a fit of giggles during the services everytime the organist began to play. Behave yourself! For me Deep Purple formed a link to “classical”. So thank you Jon for opening this Window. Thank you for all the beautiful compositions within and outside Deep Purple until today. Last year i attended a concert of Deep Purple. I hope to see you sometime in concert in Holland with your own “rapture of the Deep!”.

  5. A very mature and honest album straight from the heart – pure delight. Thank you so much Jon. Silke

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