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To Notice Such Things returns to Shipley

July 4, 2013

Shipley Arts Festival 2013This Sunday, July 7, the Bernardi Chamber Orchestra will perform parts of Jon’s To Notice Such Things at Shipley Arts Festival in Nuthurst, England.

Two years ago, Jon gave his last ever concert performance at St. Andrew’s church in Nuthurst – two days after his triumphant appearance at the 2011 Sunflower Jam with Rick Wakeman, Joe Bonamassa and others.

To Notice Such Things was originally commissioned by the Shipley Arts Festival and first performed there by Jon in 2009.

Bruce Martin, flute, photographed at Nuthurst in 2011 with Jon in the background

Bruce Martin, flute, photographed at Nuthurst in 2011 with Jon in the background

– It is entirely fitting that we are performing the piece to remember two great English composers in Jon Lord and Baron Benjamin Britten in his centenary year, explains Andrew Bernardi.

Maria Marchant will be playing piano for Jon with Bruce Martin playing the flute.

The programme will include English music spanning four hundred years from Purcell‘s Chaconny in G minor, Britten‘s Hymn to St Cecilia, excerpts from Jon’s To Notice Such Things, Britten‘s Lachrymae, and Mozart‘s Piano Concert no 12 as recorded by Britten.

Tickets are £19.00 and limited to 150.
Book online or call 01403 750220.

Shipley Arts Festival website


A man who used to notice such things

December 29, 2012


Recollecting an interview Jon did with Exclusive Magazine in 2010 for the release of his To Notice Such Things album.

It was a commission from Shipley Arts Festival in the South of England. It’s a six different pieces, each one based on a moment or time in Jon’s friend John Mortimer‘s life.

Lingering impressions
Available worldwide:* Click to order CD now* Click to buy downloadIn the interview, Jon speaks of the impression people leave on each other,  which remains even after they pass away. Jon was proud of the fact that John Mortimer’s friends recognized their friend in the music Jon wrote.

‘I really felt that John was sitting on my shoulder as I was writing it. I think that’s the spiritual element of it. We can’t help it, we’re human – as time goes by, people recede in your memory once they’ve gone. It’s just the nature of the human beast. We move onward, we have to.’

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Jon Lord donates music to Mortimer play

October 17, 2010

Jon Lord has donated the music of To Notice Such Things, which he wrote for Sir John Mortimer to a local stage production in Henley on Thames, England, who will perform Mortimer’s A Voyage Around My Father next week.

During their friendship, Jon Lord and Sir John Mortimer actually talked about writing their own musical show, writes Get Reading:

– We did talk about producing a posh musical or a a small opera together and John had been interested in adapting Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost. I read it but in the end it was something which was more fun to talk about over a bottle of wine on a winter’s evening than to actually do, says Jon Lord.

He explains how the pair did come to work together onstage:

– There was one time when his pianist was poorly and he said to me: ‘I don’t suppose you’d like to play?’ Of course, I was glad to. Then I was asked again and eventually he asked me if I would write some things for it.

Jon Lord has refused to let the Henley Players pay for his music.

– John would be frowning down on me if I took money from a small local society for doing this. No, I shall enjoy coming to see the show!

The Henley Players will perform A Voyage Around My Father at The Kenton Theatre, Henley October 19-23. For details, call 01491 575698 or visit


BBC and The Australian like To Notice Such Things

July 20, 2010

Jon Lord’s new album, To Notice Such Things, continues to attract favourable reviews around the world.

See below for full reviews from Australia’s national paper, The Australian, and BBC’s Music Mag.

See also our focus page on To Notice Such Things.

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Review: Lord does know what he’s doing

April 25, 2010

‘The list of pop musicians who have successfully crossed over into the classical firmament is not a long one … thankfully, Lord does know what he’s doing,’ writes in their review of To Notice Such Things.

‘It’s idiomatically orchestrated and well-structured … [and] … the last two sections, depicting the final stages in Mortimer’s long life, are especially affecting.’

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‘To enhance and soothe thy senses…’

April 23, 2010

Jon Lord and David Coverdale in Whitesnake, 1983

Principal white snake and ex-Deep Purple frontman David Coverdale likes and recommends Jon Lord’s new album, To Notice Such Things.

On his website, David Coverdale writes:

‘Boys & Girls, Lads & Lassies, Bonnie & Fair… just a quickie… I have just purchased & am currently playing the new recorded works of the very charming gentleman of letters Jon Lord entitled: ‘Jon Lord: To Notice Such Things, Evening Song, et al.’’

‘For those of you who enjoy delicate, sensitive accompanying music to enhance your mornings, afternoons & evenings… perhaps this will be a rewarding accompaniment to enhance & soothe thy senses… Nice one, Jon, my lad… Most enjoyable… Mmm… yes… I will have another glass of the claret, thank you… Lovely…’

Go to Find David Coverdale’s personal posts in the BBS section (top left). The above quote is post #153926.


To Notice Such Things charts at no. 4

April 9, 2010

Jon Lord’s new album has entered the UK’s official classical chart at an impressive no. 4.


Review: First-class, colourful and involving

April 9, 2010

Gramophone Magazine reviews Jon Lord’s new album, To Notice Such Things:

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