‘To enhance and soothe thy senses…’

Jon Lord and David Coverdale in Whitesnake, 1983

Principal white snake and ex-Deep Purple frontman David Coverdale likes and recommends Jon Lord’s new album, To Notice Such Things.

On his website, David Coverdale writes:

‘Boys & Girls, Lads & Lassies, Bonnie & Fair… just a quickie… I have just purchased & am currently playing the new recorded works of the very charming gentleman of letters Jon Lord entitled: ā€˜Jon Lord: To Notice Such Things, Evening Song, et al.ā€™’

‘For those of you who enjoy delicate, sensitive accompanying music to enhance your mornings, afternoons & evenings… perhaps this will be a rewarding accompaniment to enhance & soothe thy senses… Nice one, Jon, my lad… Most enjoyable… Mmm… yes… I will have another glass of the claret, thank you… Lovely…’

Go to Whitesnake.com. Find David Coverdale’s personal posts in the BBS section (top left). The above quote is post #153926.

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