‘To enhance and soothe thy senses…’

Principal white snake and ex-Deep Purple frontman David Coverdale likes and recommends Jon Lord's new album, To Notice Such Things. On his website, David Coverdale writes: 'Boys & Girls, Lads & Lassies, Bonnie & Fair... just a quickie... I have just purchased & am currently playing the new recorded works of the very charming gentleman … Continue reading ‘To enhance and soothe thy senses…’

Windows live on tv

The second movement of Jon Lord and Eberhard Schoener's Windows suite has surfaced on Youtube. It features vocals by Tony Ashton, David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes with Pete York on drums, Fay Fenwick on guitar and - of course - Jon Lord on piano. The project was put together in 1974 and performed during a … Continue reading Windows live on tv