Lord and Wakeman at London music school

Legendary keyboard maestros, Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman, are set to visit Tech Music Schools (TMS) in London on Wednesday 28th April 2010 to educate and inspire keyboard players and fans alike.

Current and prospective students will gain an amazing insight into Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman’s mastery of the keyboard and Hammond organ, to a professional level. The duo will lend their advice to the spectators of the Q&A session wanting to learn tips on practising, playing and performing, and not forgetting the odd on tour experience that fans might be eager to hear about.

This event will begin with Jon Lord visiting the Keyboardtech department to meet and greet current keyboard students, as well as partaking in a mini opening of the Hammond Lab. Jon was unable to attend the official opening of the lab last November.

Following the afternoon activities, Jon will be joined by fellow patron of Keyboardtech, Rick Wakeman. Here the pair will divulge those all important tricks of the trade at the Q&A session beginning at 7pm.

On his website, Rick Wakeman writes:

‘On the 28th I will be taking part in a lecture with my great friend Jon Lord for the students at the London College of Music which is part of the TVU. I am really looking forward to this. Jon and I have yet to work out what’s going to happen, but something will!’

If you would like to book a place on the Q&A session or for more information please call Michelle Humphreys on 0208 749 3131.

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