Video: Concerto in Imst, Austria

Sunday night, Jon Lord performed Concerto For Group and Orchestra and a selection of solo and Deep Purple pieces in Imst, Austria – near Innsbruck.

‘The concert in Imst was wonderful! The orchestra, the band, the singers, all united in a perfect harmony with the maestro’s keyboard magic,’ writes Aleksandra Mladenovic on Jon Lord’s Facebook page.

Julia Petrova was also at the show:

‘I believe, after leaving Deep Purple, Jon Lord feels free, fulfilled and happy. He finally plays the music which he always loved the most.’

Miss Petrova also captured this rather excellent Hammond section from the Concerto:

Were you there? Please add your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Video: Concerto in Imst, Austria

  1. I was lucky enough to be visiting Austria from the USA and was therefore able to see Jon for the first time since the Royal Albert Hall in ’99. The concert in Imst was excellent with Jon on jolly good form, and the orchestra, band and keyboards very tight together. The lady vocalist from Warsaw is outstanding – immense range and power, and a voice almost identical to Sam Brown’s – who made both Child in Time and a brilliant rendition of “soldier of fortune” very special.

    An added bonus was the presence of Pete York, there to listen to at least one track that he had recorded with Jon some 35 years ago.

    Thankyou, Jon, for a very special evening.

  2. Amasing!
    I was on wonderful venue in Gyor,Hungary 25.03.2010.Maestro performed Concerto… + his solo masterpieces…
    What can i say…This is the best Concert i ever saw i my life!!!Sadly,i was only one person who came on this amazing event from Serbia…:-(
    I am very,very glad to see Maestro on backstage.He laugh,shook my right hand and said:”Thank You!You are a very good man!”I talk with Maestro and send regards from Serbia,with only one hope…To see Maestro LIVE in Belgrade:-D
    I hope also,that this my words read somebody from Maestro’s management and bring him to play in Serbia…Believe,or not…TO MANY people will be VERY happy to see this wonderful venue in Serbia!
    Also,I made a video from Concerto in Gyor.About an hour and half wonderful masterpieces.
    Once again,Thank You Maestro for this amazing music that You made and make for decades!Get on with it!
    Sorry ’bout my English.I know that You understand it.
    Cheers from Serbia,and KING REGARDS goes to Mr.Jon!Maestro,Your music makes me a happiest man in the whole Universum!!!

    Nemanja B.Bojanić from Sombor,Vojvodina,Serbia.

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