Video: Jon Lord pays tribute to Ronnie Dio

May 28, 2010

At last weekend’s concert in Trondheim, Norway, Jon Lord dedicated a version of The Sun Will Shine Again to Ronnie Dio who died on May 16.

The song was originally sung by Abba’s Frida, but in Trondheim Nathalie Lorichs handled the vocals. Watch this and other Trondheim clips here:

The Sun Will Shine Again


Soldier of Fortune

Evening Song

Child in Time

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  1. Would it be possible to adapt some well know classic rock tracks including your own to organ music ?

    Rather selfishly I am thinking “Child in Time” on the mighty organ Chester Cathedral….?

    Come on Jon how about it, would be awsome ?

    Ian Doyle

  2. superb Jon,thank you

  3. I’m really deep impressed. I want to see a concert as soon as possible. But in spite of this I have one wish. I would like to get it on CD-Album and DVD. Please publish it.

  4. Dear Jon,
    i´m really looking forward to see in munich in november. You are and will always be my favourite musician. I met you personally in 1999 at the muffat-halle in munich and you impressed me with your courtesy and kindness. Just a few weeks later my husband took me to the concerto in london and again i was so deeply moved.i am so glad that i have another opportunity to listen to your great music and maybe i´ll get the chance to say “thank you” one more time. Love you Jon, i´m dying to see you in november.
    Love, Deborah

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