On camera in Kiev

Watch fan filmed footage from Jon Lord’s recent visit to Kiev, Ukraine on May 31 – both in concert and in rehearsal:




The Telemann Experiment

Child In Time

Soldier Of Fortune

Concerto (rehearsal)

Concerto 2 (rehearsal)

Gigue (rehearsal)

Pictures Of Home (rehearsal)

And finally, a blast from the past; Jon Lord’s solo from Deep Purple’s concert in Kiev in 1996:


4 thoughts on “On camera in Kiev

  1. Your Lordship!
    Dear Jon,
    Thank you very much for the Event that took place in Kiev on the last day of spring. I put the word Event deliberately, because for me it was more than the concert, it was a sort of travelling in the world of Music. I lived through one of the best and most emotional moments in my life. The Music simply took my breath away.
    For the rest of the fans who (as I presume)will read my humble comments,I must say that the balance netween the orchestra and band was excellent. The musicians from the first moment demonstrated deep respect to the audience and obvioulsy received warm welcoming feedback. When the Soldier of Fortune started with beautiful orchestral intro and solo flute, the audence burst into applauses.
    Young soprano Kasia Laska presented her beautiful versions of The Sun Will Shine Again and Wait A While. The second one was so emotional that several experienced in life listeners even started wiping their eyes. Music could perform miracles.
    Steve Balsamo was also great especially in Pictured Within. His clear voice was beautifully supported by cello. But the focus of the show were Hammond B3 and Maestro Lord who radiated generosity and nobleness.
    The whole atmosphere was simply gorgeous!

    And the last but not the least.
    Dear Jon, congratulations on your coming birthday!
    I wish you always remained young in your creative activity, because age is only a number!

  2. Wonderful and truly awesome!

    Hopefully Jon will be able to arrange a gig in Holland as well.

    Luxembourg and Essen Germany might be next options but its both a lot of travel.

    Please Jon, come back to 013, we have so good memories of that one.

    Cheers, Mark, Rotterdam

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