Exceeding all expectations in Ukraine

For the first time in front of an Ukrainian audience, Jon Lord performed a solo concert in the Palace Ukraine in Kiev on May 31.

Artem Artemenko was there, and these are his thoughts and photos:

‘Mr. Lord and his team were accompanied by Symphony Orchestra of the National Radio Company of the Ukraine conducted by Dmitriy Logvina – who is also director of the largest center for Contemporary of Art in CIS.

Jon Lord arrived in Kiev on May 29, in order to have a few rehearsals with the orchestra. They took place in  a studio, which is specially equipped for recording the orchestras and large ensembles.

The press conference on May 30 was attended not only to Ukrainian journalists, but also representatives of the Russian editions. Author of the biographical books about Deep Purple, Vladimir Dribuschak was also there.

The concert exceeded all expectations. The sounds of the orchestra filled the hall and captivated the listeners from the first notes, but Lord’s performance  was what made them burst into applause and give a lot of flowers.

Ukraine is looking forward to the next arrival of this great musician!’

Text and photos: Artem Artemenko


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