Huge and deep impressions in Kiev

Kiev was the 3rd Jon Lord concert for Natalia Yanoushkevich and definitely the best so far. She writes:

‘Ukraine Palace is a huge and very beautiful venue, and the welcome that Kiev gave to Jon Lord was loud and warm-hearted. What amazed me most this time is Jon Lord’s will and ability to play and live his music as if this concert is the first and the last for him at the same time. It’s really incredible, it’s such an honour and a pleasure to witness.

The orchestra was just as brilliant as expected; a friend of mine told me about the conductor and was very positive about him. The members of TE band were also great. It felt like the show was growing from movement to movement, and the impression was huge and deep. The friends who came with me were totally captivated with Jon Lord’s charisma and Steve Balsamo’s musicality.

His performance was beautiful. It’s wonderful how seemingly effortless and free his voice sounds. I felt as if I heard it for the 1st time again.

As is the custom, the 2nd part consisted of the instrumental works – like Gigue, Buree and The Telemann Experiment. The instrumental pieces showed the versatility of Jon’s music perfectly. And it was great to hear the favorite songs again.

Kasia Laska’s performances of The Sun Will Shine Again and Wait a While were emotional and delightful.
Pictured Within was a highlight for me again. This song carries a certain code that speaks right to the heart.

Soldier of Fortune was performed by Steve and Kasia as a tribute to Ronnie James Dio – “as he was a real Soldier of Fortune in his life”.

Child in time was a powerful culmination of the night. The audience gave the performers a standing ovation. The impression of the concert is very whole. The afterlight is still strong.  And huge thanks to all of those who made this magic happen.’

Natalia Yanoushkevich

Photos: Olga Kravchenko


2 thoughts on “Huge and deep impressions in Kiev

  1. The show was awesome, I was greatly impressed. I enjoyed every single minute of it. Don’t mean to brag but I also visited the previous day rehearsal where I could hear the music just one more time 😉
    Along with the members of DP mark II, Dio, Tony Iommi and Cozy Powell, mister Lord is one of my favorite musicians, so I couldn’t allow myself missing the concert. Still recalling the moments of that night

  2. Its the greatest Gig – Stormbringer of sincere feelings ,ever I’ve seen in Ukraine, riding Rainbow threw Ukrainian Sky…Thank you very much,Jon.Waiting for new meetings.

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