– Happy birthday, Jon

It’s great that the Ukrainian concert was so well received, no doubts why!

The most important today though is:


May your genuine talent shine yet for years, stay well, be happy, enjoy whatever is there to come for you! Share with us with your music, wisdom and wonderful laughter! May many great events happen to you, surround you with love, cheerfulnes and appreciation for your wonderful talent.

With hopes to meet you on the road again, agan – whole lotta love and best wishes, Jon!

Marcin Karski

Jon Lord biography

32 thoughts on “– Happy birthday, Jon

  1. Hi Jon,
    Many happy returns for your birthday,
    Wishing you a day of joy and happiness.
    Really looking forward to your Liverpool gig next week.
    Thank you for many years of wonderful music, and long may it continue.

  2. Happy birthday,Maestro!
    All the best and good health!
    From the deep of my hearth

    Nemanja B.Bojanić

  3. Happy birthday Mr.Lord!!! Wish you long and happy years in music…Cheers

  4. Happy birthday to you, keyboard and rock music genius Jon Lord, we here in Bulgaria are waiting for you in October !!!

  5. Happy birthday Jon,

    Hope you have a great day and thank you for all the incredible music over the years.


  6. Happy birthday! i love you Jon, your music whith deep purple is the driving force of my life, cheers from Argentina!!!!

  7. Dear Jon,

    the Happiest of Birthdays to you! May you experience all the joy you have brought into my life in a double and triple amount!
    And me being selfish enough, I wish you good health too, so you can go on for a very long time pleasing your fans with your soul-moving, breath-taking, tear-bringing, goosebumps-causing, simply wonderful music ;-).

    All the best, and hope to see you soon in a concert hall.
    Monika x

  8. Happy birthday, Jon! Maestro! I want to wish with all my heart happiness, health You and Your family. Your of genious music brings joy, energy, beauty , and let will be so always! Best regards and loves! Svetlana Z. Ekaterinburg

  9. Best Birthday to You Jon Lord.
    You’re the reason I play on the keys.
    Many more good days to come for You

  10. Dear Jon,
    Happy Birthday-all the best! Hope to meet you in November in Essen. Hope we can perform the complete Sarabande!

  11. Happy Birthday my dear friend Jon,
    I’m always hoping that I will read that you are coming to New York. When I am traveling abroad on business I always check your tour schedule in hopes that we will meet again…
    With love and warm regards,

  12. Dear Jon

    happy birthday from luxembourg

    see you the 23.6.2010 on your concert in luxemburg

    all the best

    thank you for all the great moments we spent with your music

  13. Dear Mr.Lord,
    Wishing you a happy birthday!
    Thanks for all your wonderful music from Deep Purple days and through the years,
    All the best

  14. I was going to leave a note on the old DP fan forum but that is such a depressing place these days with nothing but negative comments from people who seem to revel in arguing about trivia rather than enjoying the music – which is what it’s all about. Thank you Jon for your wonderful music, hope to see you in Liverpool. Happy birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday Jon! Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing talents with us! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you next week in Liverpool.

    Best wishes,

  16. Many Happy Returns mate… hope it’s been good and you’re looking forward to Liverpool as much as we are. See you there.
    Lots of Love,

  17. Jon

    From the other side of earth

    Mā te rongo, ka mōhio; Mā te mōhio, ka mārama; Mā te mārama, ka mātau; Mā te mātau, ka ora.

    Through resonance comes cognisance; through cognisance comes understanding; through understanding comes knowledge; through knowledge comes life and well-being.

    Ancient Maori saying (New Zealand)

  18. Hi Jon,

    I read in an interview you gave that you’d like to write some music for Blackmore. Can I make a suggestion? I think something for spinet and guitar that you could maybe play together would sound fantastic. I really like the sound of the spinet and that together with Blackmore’s acoustic sound would be great. Plus, since he’s so into instruments from the renaisance period, the spinet roughly fits into that historical bracket.



  19. It must be wonderful to reiceive birthday greetings from all over the world and I won’t stand back doing this from Austria. Dear Mr. Lord, dear Jon: Lots of good health (anything else is available for money)for the hopefully prosperous future and may the good Lord be with you for many more years. All the best, Hansjörg “Purple” Sitner, Graz, Austria

  20. Dear master
    Thanks for the memories, I hope you consider in your wildest dreams, come to Mexico any time.
    Very happy birthday.
    best regards
    Edgar Olin

  21. Jon, a few days later, but is better late than never. Happy Birthday from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) by a forever fan of you.I love your current classic music and I love your hammond organ on Deep Purple, Whitesnake, PAL, … Cheers. Vicente Rojas

  22. Happy birthday Jon,

    You are the amazing keybordist of world!!!!

    from a true brazillians fans!

    Long live to you.

    Bye! =)

  23. many happy returns Jon, ive been following your career for many years.
    i still have the signed beer mat from the vic behind the Leeds town hall gig.
    and fond memories when i auditioned for pal in london.
    keep going, and congrats
    inspired….Howard Ellis

  24. Right now listening to Sarabande my favourite piece besides Bouree. Warm greetings from an old fan. Those were the days.

  25. To the man who was responsible for writing a lot of the music that formed the soundtrack of my life.

    Happy birthday, sir. We never met, and likely never will, but know I have loved your music since I was a youngster in 1970.

    Ted (the mechanic)

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