Jon Lord takes the Concerto to Poland

Concerto for Group and Orchestra in Poland Jon Lord has announced a new concert in Warsaw, Poland.

On November 10 he will perform Concerto for Group and Orchestra at Sala Kongresowa.

The concert will be something of a home coming for Jon Lord’s vocalist Kasia Laska, who has sung with him for a few years now around the world. She lives in Warsaw.

Also appearing will be Steve Balsamo on vocals and Orkiestra Symfoniczna.

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4 thoughts on “Jon Lord takes the Concerto to Poland

  1. I actually never wished in my wildest dreams that just couple of hours after sending wishes to Jon, the fate will grant me a new occasion to see Him in concert in my country. Ain’t life grand? 🙂

    Thank you for the information, once again best wishes to Jon, and see you in Kongresowa Hall, Warsaw in November! Now that’s BIG THING to look forward to. 🙂

  2. I hope that Maestro will,at least,came to play his magical music in Belgrade,Serbia.But,as i saw,our “clever” concert agencies have not enough brain to call Maestro’s manager and bring Maestro in Belgrade…This is very sad for me,and a lot of people from my country who loves Maestros amazing,magic music and playing…
    Well,Maestro,see y’a again in Budapest.
    Biggest moment in my WHOLE LIFE is when i saw You personally in Győr,Hungary in backstage.You laughed,shook my hand,after my introduction and said: “Thank you! You are a very good man.”.That compliment is greatest i ever heard in my life!Thank You Maestro!And you are a biggest person i ever have owner to introduce!!!
    Thank You for Your magical music!!!:-)

    Big hello from Sombor,Vojvodina,Serbia!


    Nemanja B.Bojanić

  3. What a happy news! The concert in Płock which started Kasia’s touring with Jon was one of the best in my life. So I couldn’t be more happy to hear that Jon is coming to Poland again… and this time almost to my hometown. I’m counting the days from now on.

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