Child In Time, the piano version

September 19, 2010

During rehearsals in Hungary for Saturday night’s concert in Budapest, Jon Lord took a novel approach to Child In Time.

Ignoring the keyboards present at the rehearsal facility, he decided to try out the old Deep Purple classic on piano.

Singer Kasia Łaska was at hand with her camera, and here is a rare glimpse of a new version of an old classic; Child In Time, the piano version.

At the concert in Budapest, Jon Lord played the song on Hammond organ.

Thanks to Kasia Łaska.



  1. An instant classic. Don’t forget Jon already played an instrumental piano version of CIT back in 1995 on a radio show in, correct me if I’m wrong, in Johannesburg. He was accompanied by Roger Glover and Steve Morse, if I remember well.

  2. Great version!

  3. Absolutely wonderful! thkx Jon

  4. Next stop Denmark – please!!!!

  5. Does Jon really have to read that piece of music? 🙂

  6. Great work from a great musician.is this available on CD?

  7. @svante Axbacke…

    Yes he does…the notes are different on a Joanna….to a keyboard..

  8. Grande!!!!!!!! Jon!!

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