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Jon Lord in Budapest: Maestro-pieces galore

September 22, 2010

Jon Lord has reached a new level with his efforts to merge modern rhythmical music with the orchestral world. This became apparent Saturday night at Budapest‘s Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. The musical gods smiled down on a near-sold out Hungarian audience as they witnessed the world premiere of Jon Lord’s reworked Sarabande suite performed in full.

And quite fitting it is too that Lord would premiere this exact work here, inspired as it is largely by traditional music from this part of the world. With him onstage were local Deep Purple tribute band Cry Free and the Györ Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Márton Rácz. With Kasia Łaska as Jon Lord’s mainstay female vocalist and Attila Scholtz as stand-in for Steve Balsamo on male voice, it was a very strong lineup.

So let’s go back and relive that magical night.

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Child In Time, the piano version

September 19, 2010

During rehearsals in Hungary for Saturday night’s concert in Budapest, Jon Lord took a novel approach to Child In Time.

Ignoring the keyboards present at the rehearsal facility, he decided to try out the old Deep Purple classic on piano.

Singer Kasia Łaska was at hand with her camera, and here is a rare glimpse of a new version of an old classic; Child In Time, the piano version.

At the concert in Budapest, Jon Lord played the song on Hammond organ.

Thanks to Kasia Łaska.


Attila Scholtz to replace Steve Balsamo in Budapest

September 17, 2010

For Jon Lord’s concert in Budapest this Saturday September 18, singer Attila Scholtz from Hungarian Deep Purple tribute band Cry Free is taking over the microphone from 
absent vocalist Steve Balsamo. Kasia Laska will handle female vocals.
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Jon Lord to perform entire Sarabande suite

September 12, 2010

Jon Lord has revisited his Sarabande suite from 1975 and plans to perform it live this fall. Sarabande is one of Jon Lord’s most successful and most loved orchestral works.

– In Budapest on the 18th of this month, I am playing the Sarabande suite for the first time ever live. That is, in its entirety, and in the same running order as the original recording.

– I have of course played Gigue and Bourrée many times and occasionally Pavane and Sarabande, but this is the first time the suite has been done ‘whole’.

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Budapest TV-report

March 22, 2009

Hungarian TV covered Jon Lord’s recent visit to Budapest with interview and film of the rehearsals for the Concerto performance.

The full TV-interview with Jon Lord is available here.


Hungary days 2009

March 11, 2009

Hungarian has published a report and a string of photos from one of Jon Lord’s shows there – including Kasia Laska, Steve Balsamo and Cry Free.

See more by clicking the photo.

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– I want to explore every side of my musicality

March 7, 2009

During his recent visit to Budapest, Jon Lord was interviewed by Hungarian national TV.


Starting with the Concerto and the misconception that Ritchie Blackmore had to be convinced to play it, the interview moves on to discuss the relationship between Jon Lord’s classically inspired solo work and his rock career and onwards to the Durham Concerto.

Watch the interview (in English).

Thanks to Krisztián Szabó.