Jon Lord honours Tony Edwards

Jon Lord writes:

“A few days ago – fittingly, on Remembrance Day – I lost a friend. He was my manager from 1968 to 1976, my daughter Sara’s Godfather and the man who was instrumental in helping me to realise, in 1969, the dream which defined my musical life – that of a Concerto for Group and Orchestra.

Tony Edwards was a good man and a man also of deep-seated enthusiasms. He had a passion for, and a great interest in, Deep Purple and its various member’s careers, as well as a genuine enjoyment of the band’s music.

He was the reason that Richie and I were able to get together at the end of 1967 and the sole reason too for our being able to form the band that changed our lives. Without him and this early financial and emotional support, there would have been no Deep Purple.

He was a rock and a firm foundation on which we could build our musical house. It still stands, and it stands as a monument to him.

Thank you Tony.”

Jon Lord


7 thoughts on “Jon Lord honours Tony Edwards

  1. Dear Jon- So sorry for your great loss! My condolences go to you and the Edwards family. He will be remembered in all the hearts of those who loved and do love DEEP PURPLE. RIP Tony Edwards- Sharonlee

  2. thanks to tony and you, we have been given so much music and live shows. I remeber meeting you in 1984. The proudest day in my musical life. Thanks to tony, would we have had you grace our musical lives……….

  3. Lovely words for a great man from a great man! So sad for the world of music, but especially for Jon and his family.

  4. I was sorry to hear of Tony Edwards passing. His name was etched in every Deep Purple fan’s brain….he helped give the world so much joy, through Deep Purple’s music. I salute you Tony! I offer my condolences to all your family and friends.

  5. Dear Jon, through my growing up I have been following every move and chapter of Purple history, and Tony was a key figure among you guys. i can tell you that to me it represents the same sad feeling than if it was a band member, all the time on stage with you…

    So sorry…but the memories will remain forewer…

    Emir- Bosnia and Herzegovina

  6. So sad to hear about Tony’s passing – I met him a few times in 1970 when my friend Merja was his au-pair and we went to DP gigs together – a very nice/wise man

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