Vote for your Jon Lord favourites

What are your favourite tracks from Jon Lord?

For a provisional Best Of album, we would like to know what you think is Jon Lord’s best work on album.

Please take a moment to give us your favourites via the link below (not in the comments on this page).

The list includes all Jon Lord’s solo works.

If you would like to vote for a track that Jon Lord has recorded with another artist (Deep Purple, Tony Ashton, PAL, etc.), please use the field at the bottom of the poll – or the comments box on this page.

Happy voting! 🙂

Pick your Jon Lord favourites here.

17 thoughts on “Vote for your Jon Lord favourites

  1. First at all,my favourite lp is Before i Forget,’cause of Maestros sencitivity and guests that plaeyed with Him.But this is only my opinion…
    Maestro,KING REGARDS from Serbia and from Your GREAT Fun Nemanja.I was happiest man in the world when you shook my hand and talk a few words in Győr and Budapest,Hungary this year.I hope will see y’a again next year



  2. Hello Jon,
    my vote goes to “Concerto for Group and Orchestra – First Mouvement”, because it was when I first heard “my band” Deep Purple playing with an Orchestra. It moved me, it was astonishing! This is why I voted for it.
    I know that you evolved since 1969, and that the Concerto is not as a “mature” opus as “Durham” (and nothing against the Concerto, of course), but it is a matter of “fondest memories” and “nostalgia” (as Ritchie told me once, in 1991: “You come to see deep Purple because of nostalgia, which has not a negative meaning. Nostalgia is when something hits a nerve and you want it again and again”.
    Thanks Jon for your music.

    p.s.: last time we met with Steve Lee in Zurich at the Opera Hotel for an interview, and then after the concert in the Tonhalle in Zurich.

  3. My favorite song is “Soldier of Fortune” sung by Steve BaLsamo! Thank you Steve and Thank you Jon for all you both have done for the music industry, especially your fans! God Bless! Sharon- A BIG FAN FOREVER!

  4. Please do not ask me to choose between parts of bodies of Jon’s music? How could I possibly choose between parts of one work? That is like choosing chapters in a book!

    And you haven’t included Jon’s unrecorded works. I travelled from New Zealand to Nidarosdomen in Tronheim, Norway, to hear the world premier of one of them. A magic time.

    Why are you asking us to judge?

  5. This is hard.
    The Durham Concerto is one of the best concertos ever written and to say that one part is better than another is as hard as saying what part of Beethovens’ Violin concerto is the best part. It’s the whole thing. But to take the whole Durham Concerto on a best of album might be to much.
    And as my mother just died “Miriam” really speaks to me. Well just put anything on an album because what isn’t the best of Jon Lord. The Meastro is just that good. Had a lovely night in Essen and he really is the Meastro.

  6. This is tough-1.Deep purple album in rock studio version of into the fire.2. the intro on you fool no one from deep purple live made in europe. 3. woman from tokyo solo-b part studio version 4. burn studio version. thanks

  7. A “Best Of” Jon Lord should be his music from his solo albums, not with other bands (as much as I love them).

  8. Jon of the best music persons ever. And LP “Before I forget” one of the best albums as well. Nothing else to say.

  9. Sorry Jon but I have to vote for Lazy. Easily my favorite track. Ever. Of all time. Hell, it’s the reason I picked up an interest in Hammond Organs. 🙂

  10. I would pick these 5 extras from beyond-solo Jon’s activities:
    1. TASTE OF HONEY (w Artwoods) – classicly jazzy, very groovy and… that sound already in 1967!
    2. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (w Purps) – no comment needed!
    3. MALICE IN WONDERLAND (PAL) – for the funky groove and extatic piano and organ solo outings – GROOVY AGAIN!
    4. SOLITAIRE (w Purps) – so underrated, dark, Hammond-Led, captivating – pure Jon, pure Purple
    5. UNSQUARE DANCE (from Beyond The Notes Live) – Jon’s little evergreen favo – brilliantly played, so much fun and playful mood in these notes.

    These are the less publicized but such a vibrant shades of Mr. Lord! 🙂

  11. Just looking at all the wonderful tracks you have written and the videos on this website of your music and Purple tracks, when are you going to release a collection album/dvd of these live tracks as i truely feel that a double CD/5.1 DVD style collection would (in a top quality sound format) be something all fans would treasure. you and your music have always been a live event, so to capture that would be something i think all of your fans would love to hear/see. just a thought.

  12. That was very hard vote. we have so much to choose – so many great things you have done. god bless you Jon.

    Eyal – ISRAEL

  13. I have to agree with chris.
    LAZY is the best piece of music by Jon Lord. It’s a song I never tire from listening to. The introduction in the “Made in Japan” – version is as good as the studio version. I believe Jon could do thousands of intros including pieces from other composers, all ending in the jazzy groove of Lazy.

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