Perfect strangers in Essen

Watch Jon Lord warming up the Hammond during soundcheck for last Monday’s concert at Essen Philharmonie.

The clip also includes Jon Lord performing Perfect Strangers with Doogie White, DCRS and the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

One thought on “Perfect strangers in Essen

  1. Dear Mr. Jon Lord!
    To me, keyboards have always been the most special of Deep Purple. I always feel something wrong about comments, even from you, of Jon Lord allegedly contributing little to songwriting. Yet IMHO it’s quite often more difficult to add arrangements than to come up with a riff as riffs often resemble each other. It’s just unfair to restrict songwriting credits to those whose job is limited just to few notes. There are a number of DP songs that I think are memorable for their Hammond first of all, and it’s seems so strange not to see your name in the credits!
    In this regard, I have a question I dare to hope you will some time have an opportunity and consent to answer.
    What was your arrangement contribution to Deep Purple songs? Was it mostly expressed in your keyboard playing and string arrangements? Or did you also help others with their tunes? In general, did the band members advise each other on their playing, or was each of you solely responsible for his tune?
    In other words, was DP arrangement mostly team work, or was somebody
    more in charge of it than others?
    Thank you for your patience reading this post.

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