Jon Lord bonus feature on new album

Jon Lord is featured on a new album from Austrian drummer Bernhard Welz. Titled Stay Tuned, the first 1.000 copies include a bonus live recording of Child In Time from Zürich, Switzerland January 2009.

Featuring the late Steve Lee on vocals (Gotthard) and the Nota Bene Symphony Orchestra, the recording presents the Deep Purple classic in Jon Lord’s revitalising orchestral arrangement.

Elsewhere, the album features a slew of other prominent guest musicians, including Roger Glover, Steve Morse, Don Airey and Ian Paice – along with Steve Lukather, Neil Murray, Mike Stern, Mark King and many more.

Originally planned for release in May 2010, the album was finally released on December 18, explains Bernhard Welz:

– Due to some unforeseen technical problems and hardware failures in the mixing process, we had a very long delay, for which I want to apologize to everybody, who pre-ordered the album. We tried our best to finish the additional editing and mixing during our short tour breaks, which we finally did now. Thank you again for your patience and I hope you will enjoy the record.

The studio tracks were recorded between April 2009 and March 2010. Most of the international guests recorded their parts at home, but not all, explains Bernhard Welz.

– I worked in the studio with Steve Lukather, Mike Stern, Ernesto Ghezzi (Zucchero, Eros Ramazotti), Kaitner Z Doka, and most of the local artists.

– One funny incident was when I recorded with Steve Lukather in Frankfurt, I had come straight from a show in Stuttgart. We talked about travelling and then he asked me “did you do it in A440.” I said “no A81″. I meant the motorway I’d used to get there. He meant tuning the guitar in 440 Hz! He looked at me like I was a ghost, then he said: “Ah, nevermind, I play everything.”

Sales of the album supports the Childhood Foundation, founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Order and listen to sound clips.


4 thoughts on “Jon Lord bonus feature on new album

  1. Thank You Jon for your new album Stay Tuned! Listened to clips and enjoyed it very much. Will order soon. Looking forward to your next concert in France. God Bless you and your staff. A Big Fan- Sharon Lee H.
    Columbia, California USA

  2. Stay Tuned is not Jon Lord’s new album. It is the solo album from Swiss drummer Bernhard Welz. Jon Lord appears on the bonus track only.

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