Put Jon Lord in Classic FM Hall of Fame 2011

Classic FM is once again collecting votes for its annual Hall Of Fame.

Make sure you cast your vote for Jon Lord to see him enter the Classic FM Hall of Fame for the third consecutive year.

Vote for Jon Lord now
You can help secure Jon Lord’s position in this year’s Classic FM Hall Of Fame by voting for him online. It’s free and takes only a moment.

In 2010, Jon Lord dominated the list of living composers with two Top 10 entries at no. 3 (Durham Concerto) and no. 6 (Boom of the Tingling Strings). In the overall list, Durham Concerto reached no. 28 and Boom… reached no. 79. Both pieces first entered the Classic FM Hall of Fame in 2009; Durham Concerto at no. 75 and Boom at no. 198.

Simply enter ‘Lord‘ in the voting form and you’ll be given the opportunity to vote for your favourite orchestral works by Jon Lord. You are allowed three votes.

Cast your votes now.

Deadline for voting online is 23:59 on Friday 11 February 2011.

Read more about Jon Lord’s previous entries in Classic FM’s Hall of Fame.

7 thoughts on “Put Jon Lord in Classic FM Hall of Fame 2011

  1. Too bad that “to notice such things” cannot be selected. That would be my choice for this year.

  2. Thanks Rasmus,

    I found the little “+” button and added “To Notice such things”.



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