From bluesy Roth to orchestral Russia

The musical and geographical journey is typical for Jon Lord’s career; last week he premiered the first 2011 show by Jon Lord Blues Project at a sweaty blues gig Roth, Germany – and last night he took the stage in Krasnodar, southern Russia with the Kuban Symphonic Orchestra performing his Sarabande suite with new solo violinist Anna Phoebe.

She tweeted about the show:

“Beautiful music, beautiful singing! More please! 🙂 Really REALLY enjoyed the first show with Jon Lord! Some incredibly beautiful moments! And of course Jon rocked the Hammond. Top moments: Pavane, Lazy & Child In Time… and the voices of Steve Balsamo & Kasia Laska!”

Joined also by Hungarian band Cry Free, singers Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska, the show included several Deep Purple classics and pieces from Jon’s solo career.

Everything was covered by a local photographer. See his photos.

Thanks to Chayanka.

2 thoughts on “From bluesy Roth to orchestral Russia

  1. The concert was amazing! It’s great you visited Krasnodar. I did not believe, that I can see Jon Lord with Steve Balsamo on stage live in Krasnodar! Thanks to all musicians especially Jon Lord, Anna Phoebe, Steve Balsamo, Kasia Laska, Cry Free. You with the orchestra filled the evening of mystery and deep shades of music perception!!! We will wait for you again!

  2. I was happy to work with you on the same stage. You are the idol of my youth. Never thought it can happen.
    Best regards, Marina.

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