Roth: Not Lazy at all…

Last Thursday (April 7) saw the first 2011 show by Jon Lord Blues Project. Ralph Pondman was in Roth, Germany and sends this report:

“Eight o’clock, lights go out, crowd starts to cheer, band comes on stage. I know that we are going to be treated to some blues – and for me this is the first time I’m going to see the Jon Lord Blues Project live. I have seen and heard some snippets from Lahnstein 2010 and was impressed with what I heard. After tonight I know that this setup works great and is treat to see live.

A couple of songs I have heard before as they are famous. But what really hit me was how well these guys (and one woman) performed. Jon of course needs no introduction, and I knew the others because they played with several Deep Purple guys in different projects. But tonight they were shining on their own behalf. And shining they did. Pete York gave an excellent drum solo in I’m a man and Colin Hodgkinson was absolutely amazing on his bass while playing the Robert Johnson song Walkin’ Blues.

The set list consisted of some excellent slow blues songs Fog on the highway from Miller Anderson, The years go passing by, Walkin’ Blues and of course the more up tempo ones like The way I feel, Good times. And not to forget the rockers like Gimme some lovin and Wishing well.

After the break the band came back on stage took their instruments and were waiting for Jon who started to fiddle around on the Hammond. Then at one point he went for the so famous Hammond scream, as I like to call it. After that the first notes of Lazy started to fill the hall. A great song to play on a blues night. I have to say impressively done and well sung by Maggie Bell and Zoot Money.

Later on we also got When a blind man cries excellently sung by Miller Anderson with a more bluesy approach that fits the song perfectly.

At the end of the evening I left the hall with a satisfied feeling knowing that this certainly will be continued in November later this year.”

Ralph Pondman

Watch video from this concert:
Video: Jon Lord Blues Project onstage in Germany.

The setlist:
Chicken Shack
Hoochie Coochie Man
Wishing Well
The Years Go Passing By
It Never Rains But It Pours
Fog On The Highway
That’s The Way I Feel
Walkin’ Blues
Down The Hole
Good Times
Respect Yourself
When A Blind Man Cries
I’m A Man
Gimme Some Lovin’

2 thoughts on “Roth: Not Lazy at all…

  1. This group and the set list sounds fantastic and seems ideal material for a live album at some stage. For me I would not see this as detracting from Jon’s great classic works in anyway, but would compliment and show his great diversity across musical styles. Any chance of bringing it to Liverpool??

  2. See you again Maestro! 🙂 I’m going to Paks(Hungary), ’cause this is very close to my town in Serbia.

    See y’a!!!

    Cheers from Sombor,Serbia,


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